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29 Jul 2009 Cianeckford said

Hi,<BR>Im looking at going to America for 6 weeks and am a little confused about the tipping. Who do we tip and how much? I hear hotel staff but which hotel staff and how much would you tip them?
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  • 30 Jul 2009 said


    You tip anyone who you think deserves it, its really that simple.

    From a non-tipping culture, to give a layout, pretty much anyone that does anything extra for you should get something. So the bellmen for carrying your bags to your room/showing you your room. The doorman if he calls a cab for you.

    Then there are people like Waitresses who always get tips, any sit-down restaurant(even Pizza Hut) the Waitresses/Waiters will expect a tip for their service.

    Normal guideline is 10-15% of whatever the cost of the meal was. For doormen/helper type people, just a couple bucks would prolly do.

    You are also suppose to tip your tour-leader and bus driver, around 2-dollars a day is the norm for that.

  • 2 Aug 2009 Maraena said


    When do you give the tour leader and bus driver the tips?

  • 2 Aug 2009 said


    At the end of the tour.

    No clue how its done on the American tours, but on the Europe tours the final travel day they hand out envelopes with little note cards to leave them a thank-you note plus tip.

    I would imagine they would use the same protocol on the American tours.

  • 3 Aug 2009 Rezuri said



    Tipping is meant as an extra “treat” for people who are already getting paid (at least minimum wage) to do their jobs.

    Don’t feel like you must tip in order to get good service. If, as Christoff says, you feel like someone has gone the extra mile for you and they’ve been courteous, tipping is appropriate. Also, there really is no set rate for tipping…. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just looking for hand-outs ;-)

    Basically it’s all up to you.

  • 3 Aug 2009 said


    I would like to add also, tipping in some realms like in Restaurants isn’t really an addition to their paycheck, its expected and the waitresses and waiters normally pay taxes on what they earn through tips as well as the normal income tax.

    Also because tipping is expected within the restaurant and bar industry, waitresses, waiters and bar staff are normally paid on a different scale, so the minimum wage is not normally what they are making, normally it is a few dollars less per hour. So the tips more or less help bring their paychecks up to minimum wage.

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