Is it safe to carry $$?? much to AUSSIE $$ to budget?ANY AUSSIES GOING?

20 Jun 2007 Kirsten :) asked

Hi everyone,

I know that there are posts already which come under similar categories... but its hard to compare with US dollars...i am Aussie... and I am staying in London for 4 nights before the tour...

I am doing the European Panorama - 28 Days that leaves on 3rd Sept 2007.

At the moment the conversion rate is terrible for us...

.42 GBP per $1.00 AUSSIE and
.62 EURO per $1.00 AUSSIE

I am looking at changing $1500 AUSSIE into GBP for the 4 days... but it only works out to be about 625 GBP... will this be enough with sight seeing and food expenses... and maybe something left for Souveniers??

For my 28 day Panorama, i was looking at exchanging $3500 AUSSIE into EURO's... and thats not much better with only about 2175 EURO.

I was really hoping to have that money include some souvenier's as i've already spent over $8'500 AUSSIE (flights, accommodation, tour.)

I have been reading about what other people kind of suggest... i dont drink very much at all... but want to do all the optional extras.

I have a slashproof money wallet that hangs around your neck... and i wasn't sure if carrying 600 GBP and about 300 EURO would be a good idea or not? was trying to save on exchange fees from the bank as we pay up to $5 + 1% transaction costs...

Does anyone have any advice... i'm travelling Solo and its my first big trip away.

Thanks heaps,
Kirsten. Smiler

Departing Australia 29th Aug 2007.

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