Just got back anything you would like to know??

29 May 2008 Crispy asked

Had the most amazing time, friends and memories forever, any questions??
  • 8 Jun 2008 Evan said


    Washing clothes – how many times were u able to wash your clothes on the trip? what were provided? should I bring washing soap to hand wash in sink? a dryer line to hang up?
    also I hear somewhere that there is a stop in either Riveria or Monaco that wash your clothes for a couple of euros, did u stop there?

  • 9 Jun 2008 Steve85 said


    Hey Mate, I just got back from Euro Exp, yeah there’s a place in Rome that will wash your clothes and deliver back to your room and depending on the weight that’s how it’s charged. I paid 4 euros to have a whole bag full washed, folded and delivered. Unreal. Also there are washing machines and dryers in Florence and Switzerland I believe, they cost about as much as getting it done in Rome and you usually have to give up one of the nights you could be going out, but I got away with only washing once in Rome. They provide you with detergent and stuff.

    See if you’re lucky and get the chicks to do your washing and ironing like a few blokes from our tour did haha.

    Have fun, you’re in for a absolute blast.



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