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What's the best way to bring money? cash?

9 Mar 2012 nhowar asked


hey, im taking the big chill trip on june 24th to august 10th. thats 48 days, so im going to bring around $75-$125usd a day. that's going to total out to alot of money, and i dont feel safe bringing it all in cash. so whats the best way to bring money? i have credit cards, i have a debit card, and an atm card. but do they work the same over in europe? all those countries? i dont want to spend all of my money on exchange rates :/ thanks for any help!!

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  • 9 Mar 2012 Kate said


    debt card make sure have 4 digit passcode then debit card should work just fine, check with your bank. I use credit card and cash! contiki optional activities you will have to pay in cash. hope this helps.

  • 9 Mar 2012 RJ1817 said


    at least with my bank, debit cards carry the biggest transaction fee. it’s best to bring cash and to use your credit card for “bigger” transactions

  • 9 Mar 2012 cdm115 said


    debit cards usually have the best rates and is the easiest. Check the transaction fee on your credit cards too. I would exchange a little money before you go to. I wouldn’t bother with travelers cheques unless they are fee free, they are a hassel to use.
    There is also a cash passport that a lot of people like, can’t think of the name of the company that does it at the moment tough.

  • 12 Mar 2012 Explorer1334491 said


    Hey, definitely have a look at the cash passport multi currency. It has good exchange rates that you can lock in, and has no atm withdrawal fees. They also have a single currency one, but for some reason this one still have atm withdrawal fees. I just got a multi-currency one today, even though I will only be using Euro.

    There is also a 28degrees card. I didn’t like this one as much as it can be used as a credit card – which gets insane interest rates so I didn’t feel as safe about it. But its another option.

    I would suggest having a little cash, a card like this, and also a normal bank debit/credit card for emergencies or if you run out of money.

  • 13 Mar 2012 Dee said


    I got myself a cash passport.
    They give you two cards. Make sure you keep the primary card with you at all times and memorise the pin. Leave the second pin for someone back at home just incase you lose your primary card and keep your secondary card in a safe place (just incase).

    I’m also bringing cash along with me, but enough to get by and pay for the extras and what not. Debit cards, depending on what bank you’re with can charge you certain amounts. With the cash passport you can withdraw for free at any ATM in europe.

    Hope this helps!

  • 15 Mar 2012 ExplorerJeff said


    when travelling anywhere around the world it best to travel with atleast three diffenert types of funds. i previously travelled through europe and my main source of funds was a pre-paid travelex cash passport, it has the funds already locked in at the exchange rate before you leave home and it does not flucated, its the most cost effective way to travel as you don’t end up paying all these banks fees and commission charges everytime you withdrawn just one $2.20 withdrawal fee per transaction.. the other two forms of funds are your own banks card and a credit cards for emergency situations.

  • 15 Mar 2012 Sharna said


    as mentioned above i would also go with multi cash passport………. I have one of those and I am going to Europe in June for 32 days……… my travel agent got it set up for me……. the first time you set it up you have to put minimum $100 on and the fee will b a once off 1% of amount u put on or $11 whichever is cheaper….. after that if you go to a travel agent and add money to your card that way you DONT pay any fees for reloading the card……. whereas if you BPAY the money onto the card you get charged fees……. anywhere in europe u DO NOT get atm or withdrawal fees with this card like u do with ur normal bank card and credit cards……. it accepted all over the world and can hold up to 10 crrencies at once…….. best idea!!!! you do need cash to pay for extras…. and a little to hold on you… also check with your travel insurance though as to how much money you can carry around with you at once………. my travel insurance is with covermore and with my policy i am not allowed to have anymore then $200 of any currency in my wallet, if i do and my stuff gets stolen, i wont be covered……….. so make sure you check with that first!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your trip!

  • 17 Mar 2012 Explorer1307236 said


    Sometimes you will need more than $200 because there are alot of times where the Cash machines would not work at the places we were staying.

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