18 years old, is USA trip worth it?

11 Mar 2012 Katekatekate777 asked


Hey everyone, I was thinking of doi ng a contiki in USA next year. I am 18 years old, I know I can't drink or anything there but I still want to go. Do you think it is worth it, or will everyone on the tour go out to drink and I will be left alone? Would really love as many opinions as possible! Was also hoping to travel for a month or more after the contiki tour, but am a little worried about doing it on my own. Is it likely I will meet people on the tour who will want to continue travelling America with me? Does that happen or am I just dreaming?
Any opinions welcome!
Thankyou :)

  • 11 Mar 2012 steve said


    just visit the country you can drink as much as you like back home go there and enjoy travelling and seeing the USA



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