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24 Feb 2008 CanadianBella asked

Hey guys, just wanna know who is ready to plan the best trip ever!!!!!! I wanna go on the UE+egypt, after of before; a week in Paris, week on the Almafi coast in Italy and a cuise to the greec islands. Wish you nothing but good luck with your travels and life, take care hope to hear from you soon
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  • 24 Feb 2008 Cahla said


    crosses fingers and knocks on wood Unless something goes drastically wrong, I’m planning on doing the UE sometime Summer 2009. Would be just after I graduate university… what better time to go find myself and have some fun doing it?

  • 26 Feb 2008 CanadianBella said


    That’s great hope all goes well for you, if we could get a few peeps together we could save some money!!!!! Never to early!!!

  • 6 Mar 2008 mizz_taynah said


    Hey Im thinkin of goin on the europe+egypt tour in Jul 2009. wen are you all goin?

  • 19 Mar 2008 Cahla said


    If all goes well, I’m hoping to be going sometime June/July ish..
    but it’ll ultimately depend on when I can get someone to care for/love/ride my horse while I’m gone… Roll Eyes<!--graemlin::rolleyes:-->

  • 7 Apr 2008 Liz said


    I’m thinking of going around May 09 and I’m so jealous of the people that will be heading off soon when we have to wait another year!

    Luckily I head off to England in 30 weeks and I’ll be living there until I go on the UE tour. So I just have to count down 30 weeks instead of 52!


  • 10 Apr 2008 chinky21 said


    If all goes well, planning to go on ultimate european+egypt june/july 09, a whole year to wait, cant wait bring it on!!!!!

  • 11 Apr 2008 Ness83 said


    Hey, if everything goes to plan, was gonna go on the ultimate european + egypt tour in august 09. Anyone else planning to go then to?

  • 19 Apr 2008 danimc said


    Hey I’m hoping to be going in May ‘09, possibly the end of April ’09. Hopefully all works out and I can go!! I’m super excited about the UE+Egypt!!! Hopefully more people from that time group will get one here and we can chat before we go! Good luck everyone!

  • 24 Apr 2008 brad said


    hey evryone! Im planning on doing the Ultimate Euro in may/june 09! not sure wat option to do though? Anyones else planning on the same times? I’m just saving evry cent atm! Feel free to add my msn or myspace Cheers!

  • 23 Jun 2008 shane'o said


    hey all,
    i’m looking at doing the ue+mykonos sometime between may and august 09… depends how soon i can get all the funds together… i’d love to see egypt, but seeing as it will be my first tour i’m thinking a week in one spot could be good to recharge for leg 2 of the trip. i’m so anxious to get over there after reading dave’s travelogue… anyways if anyone want to chat before the trip feel free to ad me to msn
    cheers guys

  • 15 Jul 2008 JasonTX85 said


    I am also planning on doing the UE + Egypt in June or July 09. Who’s with me?

    Next summer won’t be here quick enough. Frowner<!--graemlin::(-->


  • 25 Jul 2008 CubanQueen said


    hey guys! I’m planning on doing either UE or panorama late May/June ‘09. SO EXCITED! I’m really looking forward to boozing it up on the beach in Greece… I don’t see how it could get any better than that! If any of you are going around the same time feel free to contact me on myspace/email.


    xo, Michele

  • 29 Jul 2008 Lozzy said


    YAY im planning on doing the trip June/July 09 – Europe/Egypt…so i might see yas there! it looks awesome. im also going alone so ill be looking for friends haha

  • 15 Aug 2008 Brandon_M20 said


    Hey everyone, my name is Brandon, I’m 23 was planning on doing the Ultimate Euro + Egypt in mid may or the beginning of June 09 but with a tour of India before or after. I was wondering if there were any recommendations on which on to do first it would be 15 days of India.

  • 15 Aug 2008 priesty said


    hey guys my name is brendan im 23. im looking to do the 32 day camping tour in june/july 09. if anyone is keen or has some info i should no please feel free to contact me.

    you can catch me on facebook just send us an email
    hope to hear from ya soon

  • 16 Aug 2008 cah0902 said


    I reeeally want to do this tour in 09, but I’m not sure I can save the money. I plan on booking in February-ish so we’ll see how far along I am in my savings. Other then that… my aim will be to go in August or September, so it can fall on my 21st birthday.

  • 1 Dec 2008 Shelley said


    Hey, I’m booked on the UE plus Egypt 3rd May 2009. If you’re on it drop me a line Big Grin<!--graemlin::D--> – I’m on Facebook

  • 24 Dec 2008 Wigleyh101 said


    Hey people, my name is Henry, am 18 from England! Thinking about booking myself on the Ulimate European thing plus Egypt leavin May 3rd 2009! Jst wonderin if anyone has been on these trips before nd wt they wer like? 45 day drunken mess? haha – Also available on Facebook


  • 11 Jan 2009 lizzy86 said


    hey guys im doing the UE tour + egypt..on the 23rd august.. anyone else ??

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