15 Aug 2007 hella said

hey guys!<BR>i know this is a commonly talked about discussion and i have read all the previous dscussions, but im still not at peace of mind. <BR>Im doing european inspirations in december, and im thinking of taking a shoulder bag that sits at my hip, zip facing me. i was thinking of wearing the strap under my coat, and the main pouch part at my hip.<BR>evryone i talk to is saying that it is VERY EASY to get pick-poketed in europe and i was wondering if this is a safe method to carry my money, camera phone and whatever else i need. <BR>Ill most likely have my hand on it A majority of the time, and only take out the amout of money i need for the day as well as debit/credit card.<BR><BR>Also, is it safe to leave your passport (if you dont need it) and extra mooney locked in your suitcase at the hotel??<BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR> i know its been discussed, but im a bit of a stress pot.



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