Can i use photo id card to get into bars and clubs

20 Mar 2012 David82 asked


I am from australia and i am heading to the states. I dont have a drivers licence but i have a photo id card can i use that to get into bars and clubs over in the states or canada

  • 20 Mar 2012 Dee said


    Most bars in America will let you use a photo id card as long as it is issued from the government. So if your ID card is official and states your date of birth I would say it should work. Otherwise, most places will accept a passport as well. cheers!

  • 20 Mar 2012 David82 said


    Thanks dee

  • 20 Mar 2012 NurseKara said


    Alot of places I’ve been to in North America will only accept passports as valid ID for international people as they dont know what international ID’s or drivers licences look like. I have forgotten to take my passport out some nights and had been denied entry into bars & clubs. Take your passport but keep it safe.

  • 21 Mar 2012 RJ1817 said


    best to bring your passport just to be safe

  • 22 Mar 2012 ExplorerJeff said


    passport will be your best form of ID overseas

  • 23 Mar 2012 BethanyLB said


    Bring your passport. I live in the US and I have heard of many people getting turned away from bars with foreign driver’s licenses in my city, at least.

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