Wild Western Optionals

20 Mar 2012 sarahjayne asked


Hi everyone, I am going on the Wild Western tour later this year and wondering what optionals you suggest I do and dont??
Sarah :)

  • 20 Mar 2012 BradGibb1981 said


    Hey Sarah.. i did this tour last year and here are some videos of the optionaIs edited up if your keen to see what stuff we did? you can find them at
    It was so much fun! Hope you have as much fun as we did :) Any questions feel free to just ask!

  • 16 Apr 2012 Adam said


    Hi Sarah…I’m doing this tour August 1…These are the optionals I plan on doing …Hope it helps!
    Day 1
    San Diego Zoo

    Day 2
    Sea World
    Harbor Cruise

    Day 4
    Jeep Tour

    Day 5
    Helicopter Flight
    25 min

    Day 7
    Group Photo
    V theater

    Day 10
    Chinatown Dinner

    Day 11 and 12
    Winery Tour

  • 17 Aug 2012 Joanne said


    Hi Sarah, I’ve been told by friends that the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is a must! :)

  • 10 Apr 2013 Kay22 said


    Sorry wrong page!

  • 10 Apr 2013 jarks said


    Budget for all of them then take it day by day. The majority of people on my tour did most of the optionals.

  • 17 Jun 2013 bridget said


    Whos doing Wild Western 25th September.?

  • 1 Jul 2013 tracysyd said


    Hey check out my review from April
    I think they’ve changed a little just before I did it. E.g they don’t do a Harbour cruise anymore. I did almost everything because to be honest there’s not always a lot to do if you don’t. Exceptions are the hot air ballooning because not doing it means a sleep in and bike tour in the Grand Canyon because you have heaps to do there anyway. Top 3 for me, helicopter ride (do the longer one, totally worth it, I’ll
    Post photos if you want), speed boat tour (just really fun) and sea world and jeep tour a tie!



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