What to do for 5 nights?

7 Jun 2010 ryaneco asked

Hi All,<BR><BR>I'm doing the European Inspirations tour leaving Dec 29th; I am thinking of jumping off my tour in Paris (as the following day is just returning to London) what can I do for 5 days before I need to be back in London for my flight back home?<BR><BR>I'm considering spending more time in France (maybe South of France?) or heading down to Barcelona for a few nights or maybe even 3 days skiing somewhere?<BR><BR>What are everyone's recommendations?
  • 11 Jun 2010 ryaneco said


    I’m doing amsterdam as part of the European Inspiration of course If I like it that much I could go back; but I just want to experience something else for a few nights; this is my first trip to Europe of many; even planning a move to London once my partner is finished her post-grad year from uni.

    I just want to get a taste of a few places; so somewhere not on tour; skiing in france or austria; maybe spain or croatia?!

  • 13 Jun 2010 Niksta said


    i dont know how long you’re in paris for on the tour but i guarentee it will not be enough. i could’ve spent a week in paris on its own.
    besides hanging out in paris, it might be worth a trip to nice… from there you can go to monaco which is breathtakingly extravagent.
    i personally wasnt a fan of barcelona but the people i was travelling with loved it.
    hope this helps.



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