Euro Trains

22 May 2007 hoobastankel said

my mate and I arent doing a contiki because none go where we want to go, we fly into Paris from NY and want to go up to amsterdam then to prague, then down to rome then fly to barcelona then back to syd.<BR>We are doing this in 3 weeks, would people suggest going by train, is that the fastst way of getting around. are there different trains, iv heard there are ones that go really fast, is that the Eurail pass? <BR>Any help would be great
  • 23 May 2007 Tops said


    There is bus about.. but of course it is a bit slower…

    The Eurail pass is good because you can get a ticket.. and hope off.. stay as long as you like, then catch the train to your next destination..
    If you go to the website..
    it tells you all the places it goes.. with the timetable as well.. so you can plan your trip nicely…Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->



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