europe nightlife???

7 Feb 2007 Allisyn* asked

Im going to europe soon with contiki and was wondering if anyone could tell me about going out at night on the trip, do they care what time your back in your hotel at and is it pretty safe??
  • 13 Feb 2007 De'ann said


    from what ive heard after dinner if there is a bar / club near by they drop u off and the bus leaves at a certain time. u can stay later but have to taxi it home! what trip r u doin?

  • 15 Feb 2007 Jason Ring said


    Yeah nobody cares what time you get home, just make sure you’re packed and ready to depart the next morning. They WILL leave you in a city if you miss the coach, since they have to think about the greater good. Also, be mindful of your roomate if you get home to late. and whatever you do, DONT bring stangers back to your room which has all your valuables…you’ll be just asking for trouble. Good luck and safe travels!



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