Budget Advice for European Escapade July

28 Jun 2007 kellyd04 said

Hi Everyone,<BR><BR>My tour goes for 25 days in July.<BR><BR>Savings = AUD$4500<BR>Optionals = AUD$400<BR>Credit Card = AUD$3000<BR><BR>I have three days in London before I depart and am staying with friends, plan on eating light and have one night out. <BR><BR>Before I go I'm going to exchange AUD$300 for approx 125 GBP for my time in London.<BR><BR>And exchange AUD$2000 for approx 1200 Euro which will be about 1000 Euro to take in my money belt after optionals are paid. I'm going to make any big purchases on my credit card which is linked to my ATM account via internet banking so I plan to pay off my credit card at internet cafe's as I go to keep credit spendings on track.<BR><BR>I do want to buy souvineers on tour however as I will be staying for another 6 months after the tour with plans to travel around Europe with my friend and work in the UK with my work Visa, I realise that I can go back for certain things if I spend more than expected..<BR><BR>I was wondering if anyone could let me know if my budgeting sounds right??? It is my first Europe trip so I have no idea what I'm in for. I leave in a week so it better be ok.. or at least close!! HELP PLEASE! I would be greatful for any comments, advice or suggestions anyone may have!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Kelly



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