Beach Towel

5 Jun 2010 Kimberley said

This may be a really stupid question but I was just wondering if it is essential to take a beach towel. It does take up quite a bit of room in the suitcase but im thinking i will need one for white water rafting, and when at French Riviera etc. <BR>Some advice from past travellers would help!
  • 6 Jun 2010 Emma said


    i would just use your bath towel. i took 2 microfibre towels – one bath size and one smaller for a beach towel but never used it.

    if you haven’t already done so, look into taking a microfibre towel for your bath towel..they dry so much faster and don’t smell!

  • 6 Jun 2010 James K said

    James K

    Do timeout hotels provide bath towels? Or do we need to supply them ourselves?


  • 9 Jun 2010 mish said


    You can always use a towel from the hotel but they can generally be quite small. I am taking a beach towel with me, honestly it doesn’t take that much room at all especially with the suitcases being pretty expandable.

  • 9 Jun 2010 Keray said


    How many beach towels, should you bring with you?

  • 10 Jun 2010 Explorer1167996 said


    i brought one large towel and used that for everything. i was never swimming at the beach and also used that towel for after shower etc. remember there is laundry facilities at alot of the campsites that you could wash your towel is need be. i would take one, and wash.

  • 11 Jun 2010 Kimberley said


    thanks guys. i actually brought a microfibre towel which does dry amazing quickly. its folds up nice and small.



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