Vegetarian meals on Beaches and Reefs tour

12 Apr 2012 Jen asked


Hello all,

I booked the Beaches and Reefs tour on 10th November and I was just wondering if anyone knows who has done this tour how the meals were, were there any vegetarian options available?

Thanks (^_^)//

  • 13 Apr 2012 Kelsey said


    I went on the aussie explorer and there were a few vegetarians on my tour. They always had some kind of vegetarian meal. Just make sure contiki knows so that they can make sure there will be a vegetarian meal for you.

  • 14 Apr 2012 Jen said


    Thanks alot Kelsey for your response (^_^)//

  • 14 Apr 2012 Jen_au said


    Australia is pretty good with vegetarian stuff!! Much less likely to have problems here than you would in Europe for sure!!! :)

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