Europe August '07 Advice

7 Nov 2006 RUAAlien2 said

I'm looking to do either the European Discovery,European Highlights, European Horizon or Spanish Spree in August.<BR><BR>Any advice/opinions/thoughts on which one is better? I've been to Rome, and I'll be in Paris in July.<BR><BR>Any other trips you'd recommend that are around the same length (no longer the 15 days) and around $1,500 or so?
  • 8 Nov 2006 RUAAlien2 said

    Originally posted by EmmaY:
    hey im doin spanish spree.. only cause it goes to ibiza!! and none of the other ones do…
    i guess you just need t study each of the places.. which one do you really want..

    I want to see Europe…but I’d love to be able to see Spain also, lol.

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