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European Whirl Sept 17th to Oct 4th 2012

18 Apr 2012 JoanneLee1303 asked


Just wondering if anyone else is booked for this tour. My friend Lindsey and I are going and are hoping to connect with some of the people we are going with beforehand. Let me know =)

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  • 2 May 2012 JoanneLee1303 said


    Yeah, I would be worried to lose or break my glasses when white water rafting too. Though I can’t pass it up. I have had 3 trips to go white water rafting in the Rockies here but everytime it fell through =(

    In London, I am for sure going to at least see all the tourist sites – Big Ben, London Tower, National Gallery, British Museum, London Dungeon & Trafalgar Square. And maybe if there is time I would like to go to the Sea Life London Aquarium. I wish we were coming back to London in the end for a few more days, but we are spending a couple extra in Paris – we got way better flight times, prices and they are direct instead of what we would have gotten from London.

    I can’t wait for the fish and chips! I was just talking about that yesterday about how I was excited to have them, and Linds almost gagged, she doesn’t do fish. So we will for sure have to grab some tasty pub food!

  • 2 May 2012 Bec14 said


    we all arrive at 6.30pm on the 12th (wednesday) but thankfully our plane leaves aus at 2am wed morning so we will stay pretty well in our sleeping pattern and avoid the jetlag.
    were just gonna get to our hotel, grab some dinner and straight to bed for a fresh start on the 13th.

    we havent booked any of our extra things for london yet, a couple of the things arnt availble to book til like a month before where others you can like 2yrs. so we are goin to in prob beginning of august.
    not sure if you guys know or not but madamme tussads/london aquarium/london eye/london dungeon you can book in one ticket all for 55pound, if you get them all seperate they are about 40pounds each.
    have either of you heard of the london bridge experience? i only discovered it a few days ago, i didnt realise it was like a full on horror house, sounds pretty awsome so we are gonna do that aswell.

    we wouldnt mind doin the cadbury place but if its on the sat, it might be a bit tricky as we are gonna head north to do some quad biking :)

    me and hubby did the white water rafting in thailand and its amazing! so much fun. nik can you wear contacts at all for that?

    just a random one for you guys, do either of you know/learning italian or french?
    me and candice thought it would be fun to try and talk in their languages (im doing italian and her french)

  • 2 May 2012 JoanneLee1303 said


    I figured booking a month or so in advance should be plenty of time. What is the ticket that gets you into all those attraction for only 55pounds? That sounds like something I will need to purchase for sure! Any way I can save money is fantastic in my eyes!

    I looked into the London Bridge Experience & Tombs as well, something I would like to do if possible. I just sent Linds a list of a bunch of stuff I have found, as well as things from you guys, I think she is a little overwhelmed but super excited!

    I am actually going to learn a little bit of French, but that is because we have the extra time in Paris. I’m looking into getting a tattoo done while I am, so I figure knowing at least some of the language will help. I found a nice site that gave a bunch of top ten spots in Paris, so I narrowed down the parlour and now I am trying to see if I can book an appointment. Fingers crossed!

    It says that we will need four different kinds of currency, are you guys planning to bring all of them, or something different? A bunch of the reviews say budget $125 per day. Some days you will spend more, some days you will spend less. I am just having a hard time trying to figure out how much of each I should bring and how to go about it. ideas?

  • 2 May 2012 Bec14 said


    yeah i think a month is plenty of time :)
    umm you can get it from either or go into the tickets part and its the ‘the big four ticket’ (you get priority access to 2 of them), you can get others as well where its 2 attractions or 3 and you still save a good amount of money. its odd though coz madamme tussads/london eye/london bridge is like 54 pound but if you do the 4 (aquarium aswell) its 55pound… :/
    oh and you have to pick up the ticket from madamme tussads though so that has to be the first place you visit of the 4 if you get that ticket.

    i bet she is a bit overwhelmed, its so hard trying to figure out things to do and make sure opening times all work out and locations and stuff.
    oh wow that would be cool to get a tattoo over in paris, was it difficult to find a decent place to do it for you?

    umm, we are gonna cash in about $1000 into Pounds between 2 of us (we are gonna prebook everything we can so just meals and spending money) prob about $1500 into Euro. and then keep a travelex cash passport with the rest of our money on it. with swiss and czech money we are just gonna withdraw money when we are in those countries from our cash passport.
    we are gonna take about $5000 for both of us for spending money and then have some in our account as back up, which works out to be about $140 a day each. it really depends on how you spend though, we are the type who spend most money on activities and lots of local foods more so than shopping and souviners etc.

  • 2 May 2012 NikSmiles said


    I’ realised Cadbury world is 2hrs out of London so won’t do that on a sat… May do the other stuff and do it cheaper… The viator site is good too…I’m am now thinking of doing those 4 then ripper vision at night

    Fish and chips sat. And pub grub fri night hahaha

    I can wear contacts… Just don’t like them…but will bring just in case.

    I’ll bring credit card that has no fees for overseas for purchases and a debit card with no fees either and that’s secure. And probably bring some money. I’m just saving as much as I can but hoping I’ll have au$140/day too.

    I’m trying to learn French and Dutch but failing lol

  • 2 May 2012 Bec14 said


    hahah yeah it is a bit of a way out, we were gonna do the new harry potter warner brothers set tour which has just opened but its 2hrs out and you need like 4hrs there so thats a whole day gone, so just gonna go to kings cross and get a few pics with the platform 9 3/4 and the trolley going through the wall hahaha.
    i cant wait to try all the foods over in europe and find a good little pub and another night have a more fancy dinner.
    yeah credit card/debit cards with no fees sounds like a good plan actually.. i might look more into that one..
    oh, i only found this out when i did the USA but you dont get charged anything for currency converting if you go to a post office. the banks and the kiosks charge a % or a set amount but the post office dont charge anything what so ever so if ya gonna get cash make sure you go to post office.

    its so hard learning a new language :(
    ive managed to learn basics of italian like table for 4, where is the toilet/bank, how much is beer/wine/water etc. im allergic to..
    i do have my phrase book im definalty taking though hahaha.

  • 2 May 2012 NikSmiles said


    hahaha…i have a phrase book too but ill just be using that

    Sounds good to be..i like all food…esp chocolate but yeah it is a bit of trek!

    Message me if you want details bout credit cards etc.

  • 25 Jun 2012 Jarrid86 said


    Hey Guys! Myself and my fiance are coming on Contiki. Its my second and her first. Europe is gonna be awesome!

  • 25 Jun 2012 NikSmiles said



    Not tooo far away now :D
    Second one…what was your first?
    Any tips for the 1st timers?

    I am Nikki, from Perth by the way. Going solo…thought I’d go on an adventure! :)

  • 25 Jun 2012 Jarrid86 said


    I know I’m heaps keen! My first was in new Zealand. Contiki is awesome! Still chat with people from mine and it’s was 09! Contiki is so good to make friends!

  • 25 Jun 2012 Jarrid86 said


    Question? What time do we meet in the basement?

  • 26 Jun 2012 Nadi88 said


    Hey guys!!
    I cant wait for our tour to start!!
    Nik – My friend and I want to do the lionking show after our tour so we should all go together :)
    Also we are in for the whitewater rafting!!!!
    How exciting!!!

  • 26 Jun 2012 Jarrid86 said



  • 26 Jun 2012 Bec14 said


    you should get times in your info pack contiki sends out.

  • 25 Jul 2012 Tess_norris91 said


    My boyfriend and myself shall be on this tour! NOT LONG!!!

  • 26 Jul 2012 Manika said


    Hey I’m Manika =D
    My friend Laura and I are doing this tour. We’re from Tassie in Australia. First time to Europe for both of us. Getting so keen!!!!

  • 26 Jul 2012 Jarrid86 said


    has everyone one got their packs yet? gonna be awesome!

  • 26 Jul 2012 NikSmiles said


    No I still haven’t!!!!

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