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Sailing Croatia--- July 21

22 Apr 2012 Tamara asked



I am from Australia and my friends and I would like to meet anyone doing the sail Croatia depart July the 21st.


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  • 4 May 2012 Nick said


    Hey Tamara, I just booked on that trip today. Aussies on tour, Queenslander here living in the UK. Gonna be sweet :) you going to be around this part of the world before croatia?

  • 4 May 2012 Tamara said


    Great!! Me and my friends (two other boys) will be travelling from Spain to Croatia the week before. No plans. We are going to wing it!! How about you? Have you booked accomodation in Split the night before?

  • 5 May 2012 Nick said


    Ah sounds ideal! :) Well it’s nice to meet you. Sounds like a great way to make your way to Croatia and yeah I always find the best trips are the ones where you wing it and end up in really random cool places. I finish work the friday before and will fly into Split that night and no haven’t booked any yet. Might be a sweet idea to meet a few others n book a backpackers together or somethign? Pre-party :)

  • 5 May 2012 Tamara said


    Sounds like a great idea. Contiki recommened this accomodation and its in walking distance to the dock in the morning. This is where we have booked. If you dont want to stay there, we could always meet you there on the Friday night.

    This is what they emailed me when I enquired.
    Pre & post tour accommodation is available at the Bellevue Hotel:
    $99.00 per person twin (only available if you are booking with someone else at the same time)
    $155.00 per person single room (You get the room all to yourself!)
    Bellevue Hotel
    Bana Josipa Jelacica 2
    Split Dalmatia
    Croatia (Hrvatska) 21000

    Let me know how you go.


  • 6 May 2012 Nick said


    Sounds good to me. It’s a nice 65 pounds to book a single room with breakfast so i’m not complaining and we should be able to stumble to the boat on the first day pretty well :) Looks like a pretty sweet place too! I’ve met one other person on here who I reckon is staying there too. There are three of us chatting in this discussion if you want to join it and meet some more people : Croatian Island Cruising, 21st July 2012.

    I’m going to book the accom soon enough, dont want to miss out ey. Is this your first Contiki? Been to Europe before? Are you hitting up the island party paradise of Ibiza or anywhere like that on your way through Spain?


  • 8 May 2012 JMAC said


    G’day Tamara & Nick! Another Aussie on tour. Looks like the boat’s gonna be full of us escaping winter! I’m from Newcastle, NSW. Hitting this trip up on my way home.

    For info, this is my first contiki trip, but 3rd time to Europe. This time I’m heading east around the world. Catching a few F1 races in Montreal & Valencia, 1 week in New York (10-18/6) 2 weeks on Ibiza (25/6-10/7) and generally some travelling thru Spain & Germany to fill in the time. Anyone reading this got similar plans? Catch up for a few beers before the tour…

    I’m getting into Split the night before and staying at the Bellevue Hotel from Munich. I’ll definately see you guys there anyways.

    Hey, does anyone know if they take euros on this trip, or do we need Croatian Kunas?

    Watch there’s 2 threads on this tour. Keep an eye on the other one too (I’m gonna post this there as well).



  • 9 May 2012 Tamara said


    Yes there will be a lot of Aussies on this tour. Great to have you on board
    This will be our first Europe trip and only doing the one Contiki. We fly in to Amsterdam on the 29th/6 and doing some travelling from there. We will be in Spain for the running from the bulls from the 12th-15th July. Staying in San Sebastian. From there we will slowly make our way to Rome and Croatia. We thought about Ibiza, could still possibly do it after Spain, but that means less time in Italy.
    I think we need Croatian Kunas. I found a thread a while ago, a girl was giving some recommendations on the tour, I will try to find it and post it. There is a bar on the tour and we can start a tab at the start if we wish.

    Looks like we will see you in split the night before and all staying in the same place. How should we organise to meet?


  • 13 May 2012 tpardy said


    Hey guys,

    I’m Taylor and I’m from Canada…. This will be my 3rd Contiki ( did 2 last summer — such a blast!)…

    I haven’t booked a hotel in Split yet for the night before, but it looks like Hotel Bellevue will be a good idea. I guess I’ll see you there..

    Also, I’ll be traveling from Rome to Split… Hoping to check out Cinque Terre area before flying to Croatia.. if anyone else has similar plans.

    Can’t wait!

  • 15 May 2012 Mietta.R said


    Hey guys, I’m Mietta and I’m 20 years old from Melbourne =]

    I’m doing the European Experience which ends on the 16th July so I’ll have a few days by myself before this trip. Was thinking of going to Spain before hand but Im still undecided…

    I’m soooo excited! I cant wait to meet everyone XD

  • 19 May 2012 Tamara said


    Hi Mietta,

    Great to have you on board. We will be leaving Spain on the 15th and making our way to Croatia. We will be spending a night in Venice on the 18th. Currently looking at accommodation now. Are you also going to stay at Hotel Bellevue the night before our tour?

    Hi Taylor,

    Are you going to be in Italy before Croatia? I am hoping to stay in Venice on the 19th of July and make our way some how to Split, however, this may prove difficult as there is limited transport between the two, think I might have to contact the travel agent.


  • 19 May 2012 Nick said


    Hey guys looks like this is going to be a great tour! Unfortunately I won’t be able to get a flight to Split until the Saturday morning, arriving at 9:30am, so I’ll have to meet you all at the dock or wherever it is that we meet. Hope you all have a great night out beforehand.


  • 2 Jun 2012 Meagan said


    Hi everyone, reviving this thread to introduce myself :) I’m Meagan, another Australian! (from Sydney) and I’ll be in Paris & London for about a week and half before flying into Split the night before the cruise. I’ve done Contiki in the USA before but this is my first Europe tour. Looking forward to meeting you all :)

  • 6 Jun 2012 Dylan said


    Hey everyone, I’ll be on this tour too. Gonna be getting in the day before and staying at the bellevue as well- would be great to meet up with everyone that night!

  • 7 Jun 2012 tpardy said


    Hey Tamara,
    Did you figure out how you’re getting from Italy to Split?
    I’ll be flying from Rome…. or potentially a ferry from Ancona to Split.

    About to book my night in Bellevue before the tour begins, so watch out for that Canadian accent and we’ll all meet up for drinks!

    Countdown begins!

  • 8 Jun 2012 Tamara said


    Great to have more people on board. We’ll need to work out how we are going to meet up the night before, any one have any ideas on being able to identify each other?

    So only a couple of days ago we book Barcelona to Rome flights on the 15th and I believe we are flying from Milan to Split on the 20th (booking this asap). This is an early flight so we’ll spend the night in Milan. Flying from Rome I couldn’t find a flight for the Friday only the days either side of that and I believe it wasn’t cheap either. Milan works well because we’ll do Venice and maybe florence on our way up. However, if you find something different let meknow.

    How about you? What are your plans? If our plans work into yours just let us know and we’ll meet up some where in Italy.

    It only 20 days till we leave AUS… I cant wait…

  • 12 Jun 2012 Stu said


    Hi guys, I’ll be doing this trip with a mate I met on a contiki trip in January.
    Living in London and will be flying in the night before departure, think we’re staying in a backpackers near the docks.
    Can’t wait to meet everyone in person and get amongst what Croatia has to offer

  • 16 Jun 2012 Jud said


    Hey everyone, my wife and I are from Canada and are are on this trip.. I see you guys are talking about night before accommodations, but as I understood that is included in the tour? Day 2 of the tour says make your way to the hotel. My sister did this tour last year and had a blast.. super excited!

  • 18 Jun 2012 tpardy said


    Hey guys,
    I’m booked for the night before the tour in the Bellevue Hotel. Stu, maybe you and your friend can meet up with us at the hotel and we can go from there.

    Judson, where in Canada are you and your wife from?

  • 18 Jun 2012 Jud said


    tpardy, I am from a small town near London, ON but my wife and I live in Edmonton now. How about you?

    Also, I am still confused about the night before accommodations. Isn’t the night before hotel included in the package as it is ‘day 2’ of the holiday technically?

    We are going to be in Munich and Prague the week before .. anyone else in that area?

  • 19 Jun 2012 Halah said


    Hi people! My names Halah, Im another aussie just booked this trip, my first contiki and going solo, ive been in Israel the last 3 months and am finding it very difficult to get flghts, trains or buses to croatia from here, think i’ll have to go to Athens first, but still very complicated country to get to! I will probably come and stay at the Bellavue too, seems like the happening place! After Croatia im thinking of doing the Greek Islands. Cant wait to meet everyone and have a much needed drink!

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