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All US Contiki tours, what is the dynamic like?

26 Apr 2012 jarks asked


Okay so I'm considering doing the Grand Southern tour later this year and I just have a few questions for people who have already been. I've done tours throughout Europe and Asia, but never Contiki, so I'm more interested in the dynamics of a US Contiki tour

Firstly, a friend of mine did a Contiki throughout the US last year and said that whenever her group had optional activities, there was a kind of pressure in the group for everyone to do them. Is this the case with Grand Southern as well? (I know every group of people will be different, but did others experience this on their tour?)

I'm also keen to know whether in each city everyone hangs around as one big group or a lot of people go off in smaller groups, or even on their own? Once again, I know every group of people will change this, but from what my friend said, everyone on their tour kind of stayed together the whole time.

In terms of going out/drinking: is this something that happens every night? Or every few nights? And are people looked down on for not going? And where do most people go, clubs, lounges, bars? I'm not the biggest club fan, but I am keen to go out every few nights.

And lastly, Are most contiki goers Aussies?

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  • 26 Apr 2012 Sarah said


    I did the Wild Western tour last year, and I didn’t find there to be pressure to do anything.
    I think for all the optionals there were some people who opted not to take part for one reason or another.
    In my tour people went off into smaller groups at each stop, but I didn’t really find it to be cliquey.
    There was drinking pretty much every night, although most people had a few nights off at some point. I recommend getting out there especially at the beginning of the tour to bond with people, but if you want a night on your own or a night in bed, that’s totally accepted.
    On my tour, I’d say maybe 80% of the group was Australian.

  • 30 Apr 2012 Kaznagan said


    I did the Gran Southern in 2010
    Our tour – we had little groups in the whole group but we all hung out mostly together or some of the smaller groups joined together to do things – and went separate ways here and there.
    for ex: a few of us didnt want to see the variety show while in vegas – so we meet up to eat dinner, then went to the show we wanted to see then met up with everyone at one of the club the manager had organised for us all to go to.
    most of us were like this is what i wanna do, if you wanna come feel free the more the merrier or if not thats cool as well we’ll catch up later.
    Optionals – we weren’t pushed to do anything, i found i asked people what they were doing and then i went either yea sure, or na not for me. i really wanted to do the cooking class in new orleans while i was at home planning and discovered when it came time to putting my name down for it – i thought…. no i dont wanna do it – i went and did my own thing.
    Did we go out most nights? i think i drank every night – but i did find that i stopped after a few on most nights as i still wanted to see things durring the days. We didnt go out every night – some nights we just bought a few drinks and hung around the hotel pool (mind you they ended up being some of the best nights). But also regarding that – if people didnt want to drink or stay up late that was cool to, we didnt judge people for actually being smarter and not being hung over as we saw the sights!
    i think out of 50 people between 30 – 40 people were aussies but i found i have got a group of friends for life out of it, we all catch up as often as we can, and have travelled together since as well.
    Now out of all that babble i hope i helped!
    the grand southern was so much fun, the only thing – be prepared – you have quite a few bus days (which is where i got most my sleep)
    x Karlie

  • 30 Apr 2012 Stevenfrommelbaus said


    thanks for your help Karlie I am doing the grand southern in June and I cant wait

  • 30 Apr 2012 jarks said


    Thanks both of you heaps. I’ve just booked my Grand Southern today.

    Good to know there will be bus days! I will enjoy catching up on sleep! =p

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