Contiki Jumpers

27 Apr 2012 AlexG asked


does anyone know if they still do the contiki jumpers in queenstown? Will our tour manager tells us about them or do we have to find out about em by ourselves? do we give the money for them to our tour manager? how much are they??
Any advice would be great

  • 27 Apr 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    good question….

  • 28 Apr 2012 ExplorerJeff said


    I know they do in europe as i did a tour over there last year not sure about NZ but yeah ask your tour manager at your kick start meeting prior to your tour.

  • 28 Apr 2012 Nickee said


    I did NZ last January. We had an awesome tour guide but unfortunately she doesn’t work for Contiki anymore.

    The guy came to the hotel with shirts and jumpers where you could try on sizes and pick colours. He takes the money and you get your clothing on the way out of Queenstown.

    Off the top of my head I think they were $60+ for the jumpers. But it’s my favourite, so it was worth it!

  • 28 Apr 2012 AlexG said


    ok thanks for the info nickee :):)

  • 30 Apr 2012 Jen_au said


    Oh I did a NZ contiki 5 years ago and they didn’t do it at all!!! Totally wish they had of though, my Europe contiki jumper is my favourite hoodie!!! in NZ a bunch of us went and bought the same tshirts from a touristy shop with the haka on it and we made that our tour t-shirt lol!! :)

  • 1 May 2012 WorldTraveller25 said


    haha okay – really hope we get the contiki jumpers – my brother is for sure. hes going on a europe tour in 2 weeks time

  • 1 May 2012 AlexG said


    i so hope we get one :)

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