Better to start tour at Christchurch or Auckland?

28 Apr 2012 evana_rose asked


Just wondering which you think is better to start the tour- at Christchurch or Auckland?
I noticed Christchurch is cheaper if you start there; doesn't seem to be any difference in the tour itself..or is there? Anyway would be interested to I'm deciding between the two.
Is there a reason why Christchurch start is cheaper?

  • 28 Apr 2012 Explorer1084121 said


    It depends largely on where you are flying into NZ from.If coming from Australia then either is fine if from the rest of the world then go from Auckland.One exception I can make are people from Britain and Anywhere in the European Continent and that is you can start in either as there are regular flights into Singapore on which you can continue directly to Christchurch.Totally Up To You.

  • 28 Apr 2012 Nickee said


    I started in Christchurch when I did this last year. I think the downside is you get to do heaps of awesome stuff on the south island and it sort of calms down once you hit the north island. Queenstown was amazing and there was so much to do, so it could be a fabulous end to a great tour.

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