Grand Southern US Spending money?

30 Apr 2012 Mitch asked


How much spending money did you churn through and what did you get for it? Drinking/partying, added extras, shopping etc.

  • 30 Apr 2012 jarks said


    I’ve calculated $1600 in the optionals alone – this is doing ALL* the options btw.
    (*excluding fuel costs for helicopter flights and including every option, even seasonals).

    Haven’t done the tour, am doing it in Nov/Dec though so am curious to the answers people give you!

  • 8 May 2012 Mel said


    Yeah id like to know how much spending money to take.. food,drinking, other bits and pieces.. i added up the optionals too but i still dont know how much to account for aside from the money for those..
    For the europe tours they say $100 a day but is America more expensive?
    i’m suprised at the lack of info on this. there was so much more when i was researching it all for europe a few years ago!

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