What to do in Paris

31 Dec 2009 me_shell83 said

My sister and I booked the Spanish Spree for Aug.16, 2010 but are stopping in Paris before for 2-3 days. What should we see and what can we skip?
  • 1 Jan 2010 Danki said


    Get a ticket for one of the double decker busses, you can buy it for 1day or several. this takes you round the city and gives you commentary about the stops along the way, and you can hop on and hop off all day. do the eiffel tour and make sure you see it at night, notre dame is beautiful inside, and the arc de triomph was cool too (lots of steps tho!!!) champs elysee markets were gorgeous!!!! have fun!

  • 4 Oct 2010 Explorer1167288 said


    lol, what to do?

    Paris is the most intense, most incredible place you’ll see.

    here’s a list of places to go:
    Notre Damme
    Arc De Trumph
    Champse Elysee (sp?)
    Eiffel Tower

    those are just some of the things, you’ll find every corner of Paris is fricken amazing!

    DO NOT speak to those guys selling you sunnies or souveneers. It’s against the law to buy anything from them and it could land you a fine, not to mention that all they sell is ****.

    TRY the snails, they’re fricken delicious

    Even though locals of Paris speak English more or less fluently, politely ask them in French if they speak English, you’ll find they’ll be a lot nicer to you if you show some sign of respecting their language by asking in French!


  • 12 Jan 2011 Explorer SF7 said


    Buy crepes from the street vendors! Absoulutely delicious. Definitely do the Louvre. You will need a whole day for that however. If you do end up staying there longer try a day trip out to Versailles.

  • 13 Jan 2011 LadyRainbow said


    In addition to what has already been said, I found that just chilling in the park under the Eiffel Tower a perfect way to wind down. Paris definitely is amazing.



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