Europe dress code

5 May 2012 Glenda asked


Hi. I was reading that we need to bring a dress for nights out (girls obviously). I really can't find one and was wondering if other girls have ever got away with trousers for all nights out. I am going on European horizon trip and don't know if only having trousers will mean I can't go on nights out. I would appreciate any advice



  • 6 May 2012 Jen_au said


    I brought a some nice black pants for going out as I went in winter so would have frozen in a dress!!! (though I did bring a skirt with some black tights and that worked too) Had no problems at all in pants!!! Some people went out in jeans and didn’t have any issues. Probably the most fancy nights out you’ll have (if you’re going to these places) will be the Grand Casino in Monacco, the Moulin Rouge (or the other one) in Paris and/or the Strauss Concert and Dinner in Vienna and nice pants and a top will be fine!! :)

  • 7 May 2012 Glenda said


    Thanks I’m relieved about that.



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