European Encounter (Winter)

7 May 2012 Kaylee said


I'll be doing my first contiki tour (European Encounter, Winter) leaving 16 February 2013. I was wondering who else was doing this tour? I'd love to talk to any one :)

  • 15 May 2012 Steff Bell said

    Steff Bell

    Feel free to join this group for people going in 2013! :)

  • 27 May 2012 Kaylee said


    yeah I am travelling alone. I’m not too sure if they get cancelled frequently or not but my travel agent said they don’t cancel too often… not really sure. I did read one of the discussions on here and set dates do get cancelled sometimes. apparently they give you at least 45 days or something, so I recommend getting the insurance in case they do. the only thing you have to worry about then is time off work.

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