LA to the Bay 19th - 30th DEC 2012

8 May 2012 ~Kiwi~Shae~ asked


Hey girls & guys,

Anyone looking at doing this tour?! Have just booked me and a friend to go... come on, it is going to be amazing!! :-)


  • 23 Jul 2012 Emile said


    Hey shae,

    You from NZ? There’s 3 of us Aussie boys booked in.

    It’s gonna be an interesting Christmas.. Are you doning NYE in San Fran?


  • 23 Jul 2012 ~Kiwi~Shae~ said


    Hey Emile,
    Yeah im from NZ :-) I am travelling over to do this tour on my own now and I cant wait!! I am undecided about NYE yet… what are you guys doing? Christmas is going to be a ball!!!
    Shae x

  • 31 Jul 2012 Emile said


    Your brave going solo.. I always find OS travel pretty daunting! We just got some nice rooms at the San Fran Hyatt for new years, right in the city so we can do anything and still find our way back. Im hoping we are all gonna do like a “secret santa” or something for christmas so we don’t miss out on presents..

  • 19 Aug 2012 ~Kiwi~Shae~ said


    haha yeah am a lil freaked about heading over there solo… but it will be okay hopefully =) Love the idea of a secret santa tho! Christmas is def going to be a goodie this year. When are you guys arriving into LA??

  • 20 Aug 2012 Emile said


    16th december.. u?

  • 8 Oct 2012 Katieh83 said


    Hey All,

    I am so happy I have finally found some people on this tour.

    I am booked in for this date as well. Travelling solo from Sydney. First time travelling by myself so I am a little nervous… Have always had the comfort of a friend with me before.

    I am also doing the NYC NYE tour after this one. Very excited.

    I did a Europe Contiki over Christmas two years ago and Christmas Day was so much fun. They organised a secret Santa for us!

    Looking forward to it :-)

  • 8 Oct 2012 Emile said


    Hey Katie, sorry nobody will talk to you :( we are spending 8 days in Manhattan after NYE so maybe we’ll catch up over there (unless after 12 days ur sick of us!)

  • 8 Oct 2012 Katieh83 said


    Hi Emile,

    I will be in Manhattan too until the 8th of Jan all by myself so I will def be looking for people to catch up with Hahahahaha. Are you looking forward to the tour? I am sure it will be lots of fun!!

  • 8 Oct 2012 Emile said


    mate r u kidding? this is gonna b awesome! Im just worried I will sleep in one day and get left behind (most likely in vegas..) – and there’s always that nagging concern in the back of ur mind that u could get shot by some fruit loop.. and then they take u to court claiming some bs! maybe im being a little pessimistic tho..

  • 8 Oct 2012 Katieh83 said


    Hahahahaha that is a funny response! The sleep in thing can be a problem! On our europe tour they were so strict with time. If you were more than a minute late back to the bus you had to stand and sing in front of the whole bus. It worked a treat as everyone was always on time…..even the day after NYE! Just nominate some people to wake you up everyday hahaha.

    But yeah it should be awesome….can’t wait!

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