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Best Sim Card for travel to the USA

19 May 2012 hayleyw asked


Headed to the USA in Sep for the Best of USA tour. I've been trying to research what the best sim card would be to get but I'm just so confused and want to hear travellers personal experiences. I have an Iphone 4S and I prob won't call a lot but I do want to be able to message and use data. I have looked at T-Mobile, Simple and Tru Sim. Any suggestions on which one is the best one to go with?

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  • 1 Sep 2012 SarahG said


    Hey Hayley, I am doing this tour- a couple weeks after you.
    I went with backchat mobile.. may be a bit late now as you start in four days.. sorry, i hadn’t seen this post. I did hear that many places over in the US have really cheap prepaid sims.. have a great time!

  • 4 Oct 2012 Simon said


    You can get AT&T SIM cards before you depart from All the latest plans are on their website.

  • 4 Oct 2012 kweenz911 said


    hey this might be a bit late but I’ve heard that Virgin Mobile has some of the best plans out there!

  • 2 Sep 2013 Juicyjothy said


    Well what ever you choose it will need to be from a GSM network. The two main options are AT&T and T-Mobile. Most other providers CDMA which is not compatible with your UK mobile phone.
    Just incase this thread is found US citizen looking for a SIM card for the UK, if you use either of the above GSM providers you can simply get a free SIM card from any provider in the UK Here: while CDMA users will need a GSM phone.

  • 7 Sep 2013 Kylee said


    When I was in the US a picked up a prepaid T-Mobile phone and it worked out great. $49 for unlimited talk txt and data and for $10 more I got unlimited txt and talk to landline in Australia. Much better to get the phone over there. Most of the place you stay have free wi-fi and if they don’t they have computers you can use for free.

  • 3 Dec 2013 Baz said


    not sure if this helps, but I recently travelled with my gf and we bought a T-mobile $50 unlimited plan from melbourne airport. Which I was really surprised – the guy I spoke to stated they had only recently started up and they give you unlimited calls to australia as well.
    My gf then wanted one and we went to the T-mobile in LA and they charged her $60 for the same thing as they said the international talking is an extra $10. The stores name is simcorner
    They have a website, which may help

  • 3 Feb 2014 Kaznagan said


    Baz, how did it go? that sounds like such a great idea having it at an airport. i dont know if they have one at sydney airport but you can order it online so i might look at that.
    What type of phone did you have? i was planning to use an old blackberry phone i have but i can look at unlocking my iphone and using that.

  • 4 Feb 2014 GeekGuy said


    Just be careful because on T-Mobile you will only get slow 2G speeds on your iPhone (their 3G network operates on a weird frequency and only a T-Mobile phone will get 3G speeds). So good for calls and SMS but really slow for Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps etc.

    Verizon is another USA carrier but they operate on CDMA so not compatible at all with iPhones.

    AT&T will give you full nationwide 3G and 4G coverage. Pop into an AT&T store in the USA (although be prepared for them to be ultra unhelpful) or just pick up a sim before you go from somewhere like

  • 7 Feb 2014 Baz said


    Kaznagan, I used an iphone while i was there as well. I did a lot of research before i left because i was concerned about getting 2G speeds, but when I went I got 3G speeds and it worked great. I got my iphone unlocked before I went to the airport so I had no issues and worked really well
    I dont know if they have a store in sydney but they do sell online too!

  • 28 Mar 2014 Travelguy said


    BAZ!!! thanks so much for that link. I purchased my USA sim card from for my new iphone 5s. I got the sim with UNlimited 4G data, i was in the USA for a month and had unlimited 4G data for a month. I wasn’t worried about the frequency difference since the iphone 5s and 5c is a world phone so it can pick up all frequencies. I got unlimited texts to australia as well along with unlimited calls to aus landlines AND unlimited talk and text within the USA. all for $70. This is currently cheaper than my post paid with OPTUS lol…and i get no where near that much data.
    thanks again mate.

  • 8 Jul 2014 Rosez & Chad said

    Rosez & Chad it was great to use in Honolulu and New York.

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