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5 Jan 2008 Mike18901 said

You need a visa for travel to Australia - either an electronic visa if you are from the UK, USA, France etc or you need to apply to the Australian High Commission in your country with a paper application.<BR><BR>If you are eligible for an electronic visa - you can apply for an ETA (Electronic travel Authority) for 3 months stay in Aus.<BR><BR>Another option is to apply for a Tourist visa, Subclass 676 which allows you to stay in Aus for 3 - 12 months but you can't work.<BR><BR>The Working holiday visa is valid for 12 months and starts from the date that you arrive in Australia. It allows you to work for one employer for up to 6 months. Also, you can get a second working holiday visa if you worked in an agriculural or horticultural position for more than 3 months (eg. fruit picking) during your first 12 months.<BR><BR>Also, you can apply for a student visa to study for a qualification in Australia. You can apply online electronically if you are from an eligible country and if you have a confirmation of enrolment certificate from the Aussie University or College. If you are not eligible to apply electronically, then you need to apply to the Australian High Commission.<BR><BR>You can apply for these visas directly from the Department of Immigration or from our website:<BR><BR><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A><BR><BR>If you have any detailed questions, then send us an email or call the number below:<BR><BR>Phone: 0207 193 2327<BR>
  • 13 Feb 2012 baba-boy said


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