Amsterdam to Barcelona - July 19 to 30 2012

3 Jun 2012 swhee asked


Hi everyone, I am Ashley from Toronto Canada. Who's here going on this tour?? I will be arriving to Amsterdam in the morning on July 19. After the tour, I have a few days before I head back. I would love to go to Ibiza after the tour. I was wondering when everyone is arriving to Amsterdam and if anyone is interested to go to Ibiza after the tour. I am also up for any other suggestions. I cant wait!!

  • 3 Jun 2012 Linmara said


    Hey Ashley!! I am from Toronto too…and A friend and I will be going on this tour from July 12-24… too bad it’s not the same as yours!! Going to Ibiza would be an amazing idea though… just try to go with someone else, because i heard iti can get crazyyy there!!

  • 6 Jun 2012 Peterd said


    hey Ashley heading on the same tour as you with 3 mates , we are heading to Ibiza straight after the contiki ends and staying for 2 nights havnt booked accom yet but have got flights already

  • 13 Jun 2012 Bruce said


    Hey.. My sister and I are on the same tour and we gonna spend an extra night in Barcelona and then go to Mallorca for 4 nights.

  • 17 Jun 2012 AnnieontheRoad said


    Hi Ashley, I’m going to spend 2 more days in Barcelona and then head back to Brazil, but going to Ibiza sounded great.

  • 27 Jun 2012 wingsan said


    Hey Ashley, Im going to the same tour…how many nights do u intend to stay in Ibiza?

  • 28 Jun 2012 swhee said


    Hi everyone, I cant wait for the tour. yesterday I picked up my itinerary. Wingsan I haven’t booked a flight and accommodation for Ibiza but I can go there for two nights, three days and then I’m going to London.



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