Day Bags and Shoes / Travel Cards and Ipad

12 Jun 2012 NikSmiles asked


Just wondering what day bags you had and what things you put in it..I know the usual camera, drink, wallet etc.

And shoes: Thinking I should get proper walking shoes so my feet don't hut as much and are comfortable. Wondering if you did/or didn't and what shoes & brands you brought with you?

Travel cards vs credit vs debit.
I have a 28 degrees mastercard. I am thinking of opening a fee free debit card or a travel card but wondering which one you brought with you?

And Ipad/Notebook. Who brought it and did you take it with you during day or leave it in your luggage bag?
Is it worth bringing?
I don't have an Iphone but a cheapo samsung so most apps are useless.

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