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Croatian Island Cruising 8th Sep - 15th Sep

15 Jun 2012 Crispy44 asked


Hi there!
A friend and I have booked the Croatian island cruise departing the 8th of September and was just wondering if there are any others out there who are also joining in!

Also, if someone has been on this particular cruise could you please provide some info regarding what it's like, what to expect, party, food etc etc.

Thanks a lot!

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  • 16 Jun 2012 Custody QT said

    Custody QT


    My friend and I are also booked on this tour. We will be coming from Los Angeles…what about yourself?

  • 16 Jun 2012 Crispy44 said


    alright cool. My friend and I will be coming from Sydney.

  • 16 Jun 2012 Custody QT said

    Custody QT

    Awesome…it’s always fun having some Aussies on board. You know which boat you’re on? According to our Contiki travel agent, there are 2 boats set to sail off that day…

  • 16 Jun 2012 JacobF said


    My wife and I are setting sail that day too! Coming from Toronto, Canada! We’re flying in to Split on the 6th

  • 16 Jun 2012 Crispy44 said


    @custodyQT – haha im sure we will bring our unique personalities abroad. i have no idea to be honest…
    I wasn’t even aware that there were two boats leaving. I’m going to see the travel agent soon so i shall see if they can provide any more details.

    @jacobF – cool! i believe we’ll be getting into split around midday or so on the 7th.

  • 27 Jun 2012 LDC2012 said

    My sister and I booked this tour as well! I will be coming from Boston Mass and my sister from South Florida. We will be flying into Split from Rome on the 5th. Counting down the days!!
  • 27 Jun 2012 Crispy44 said


    @LDC2012 sounds awesome! we get into split i think on the 7th so maybe we can catch up before the cruise! look forward to meeting you and your sister

  • 27 Jun 2012 LDC2012 said


    Definitely! Look forward to it as well!

  • 29 Jun 2012 RYAN-CANADA said


    Just booked today!!! This tour sells out fast every year and is supposed to be amazing! I’m coming solo from Calgary, Canada. The only advise i’ve heard from people that did this tour was bring some gravol just in case of sea-sickness. Hangovers can be a bit rough on sailboats. Anyone else having issues with their contiki profile(cant upload pics/error msg’s)?

  • 29 Jun 2012 Crispy44 said


    @RYAN-CANADA another Canadian!! i’ve heard only but good things about this tour also, im looking forward to it!
    thanks for the heads up regarding the sea sickness. hopefully we’ll be having too much fun to even bother about getting sick.
    yeah, i noticed the sites playing up a little. I think they might have a few bugs at the moment, should clear up soon.

  • 29 Jun 2012 sunnydays55 said


    Hi everyone! I just booked! Coming from Toronto….little excited!!

  • 1 Jul 2012 RYAN-CANADA said


    Hey everyone!!! I did the Spain-Spree tour in Sept and a guy from the trip set-up a facebook group page. It was great to get organized, and plan any side-trips. I`ll set one up if you guys are interested.

  • 1 Jul 2012 RYAN-CANADA said

  • 1 Jul 2012 RYAN-CANADA said


    Here`s the Group page link guys!/groups/215475681908098/

  • 22 Jul 2012 Rainman said


    Hi peoples, me and a buddy are doing this one, both from Adelaide, Australia and are flying into Split from London on the morning before.

    A mate told me who just got back that Croatia is really cheap to go out even if your a big drinker and early Septembers the best time to go because its not too hot and all the arrogant European tourists have gone by then :-P

    If anyones keen to hit up in Split on the 7th let us know….

  • 22 Jul 2012 Crispy44 said


    finally another Australian! we were getting over run by these canadian’s.

    those plans sound good. from memory i think me and my friend get to split either in the morning or afternoon on the 7th so we will be keen to go out for some drinks etc.

  • 25 Jul 2012 Marena said


    Hi guys,
    I’m all booked coming in from NYC…hope to join you for drinks on the 7th:)

  • 29 Jul 2012 kmarie7686 said


    Hey all :) I was on the website getting info for my next trip (Oktoberfest camping if anyone is in for that :)

    I just did this trip in June- so I can give any info if you need- it was such a blast! Lots of partying and just relaxing on the boat. There are two boats with Contiki- either the Petrina or the Labrador. Labrador is bigger with bigger rooms- Petrina is an old pirate ship though so it has its charm!

    Things to make sure to do… I would definitely sign up for all the extras- the kayaking in Dubrovnik was absolutely stunning and a blast. The only option that wasn’t the best was the tour in Dubrovnik- She really didn’t give too much insight to the city- I would have rather wandered around or gone to the Buza bar outside the city cliffs (definitely do this- I didn’t have time to get there and regret it)

    When you get to the small town of Trstenik- find the beach bar- find out if they are opening that night for you (they opened just for our boats) and go there. The cave in Makarska is definitely a must as well.

    Take some of the large bottles of water that they sell in Croatia on the boats so you dont have to keep paying for the small bottles from the bar on the ship. Drinks and relatively everything in Croatia is cheap- so go nuts! Definitely get a floaty for swim stops- a must. I was on the Petrina- it gets really hot at night- I would suggest (once everyone is friends) to take the mattresses from your beds and sleep on the deck- much nicer! Girls- you really don’t need heels- I brought a pair and never used them- just cute sandals.

    Everyone had a blast and became great friends (I’m meeting friends from my boat for Oktoberfest!)- you are always traveling and going out with the other boat so you will see them often. Enjoy! Let me know if there are any questions :)


  • 1 Aug 2012 J.Bos said


    Hey.. two other friends are coming with me on this tour! We are from Manitoba.. yup more canadians! Should be in split for one or two days before the cruise starts. Also we are going to oktoberfest with contiki too :)

  • 1 Aug 2012 J.Bos said



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