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European adventurer review/feedback wanted?

25 Jun 2012 OllieNZ asked


Im planning on doing this tour next year, just wanting some Feedback on the trip?

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  • 25 Jan 2013 Ausmish22 said


    That depends on your age and what you are after in the tour. If you want to party get drunk take drugs with a bunch of idiotic teenagers then go for it. This is the feedback I gave for a similar tour…

    I booked the European Inspiration tour for January 2012 and toured alone, however I terminated the tour in Prague. I was absolutely disgusted in the quality and the calibre of people on board the tour including the staff. It should be age banded 18-25 not 18-35. I am 31 and I have never experienced such childish, immature, bitchy behaviour in my life. I felt like I was back in high school. I was totally ostracised by everyone. Most people on the tour were 18-20. I should have done my research then I would have known Contiki has a bad name for that exact reason. Trafalgar would have been a much better option. The tour manager Hannah was very immature and seemed to enjoy the childish atmosphere. She encouraged everybody to be rowdy and drunk and was always getting drunk herself, she swore a lot and was very unprofessional….perhaps attempting to lower herself to the standard of the passengers on the tour. She even implied that I should terminate the tour! Every stop we had entailed pub crawls of which eventuated in the stranger I was sharing a room with stumbling in drunk at 2-3am every morning, turning on lights and making lots of noise. I’ve never been so sleep deprived in my life. What an absolute waste of $3500. I am flying back to London at a cost to myself to resume interacting with adults not children!!! Shame on you Contiki….no where on your website does it stipulate that this tour is basically a 3 week long party for young teens who wish to take drugs, get drunk and act like idiots. Contiki take some responsibility!!! I’m absolutely appalled!! I will definitely be sharing my horrible experience with others!

  • 5 Mar 2013 Ahmad said


    Dear Ausmish22,
    I am a 20 year old male who id going to be travelling on the European Adventurer in July 2013 and i honestly think its the way a traveller perceives there adventure that creates the atmosphere, obviously on your trip to your bad luck you were stuck with immature rowdy 18-20 year olds, and im sorry that you had to deal with that. but, and there is a but, like i said earlier, it is your percesption on the tour and your mind set that got you to be so negative on this tour.
    sure its hard to concentrate on the good stuff when you have 50 odd people around you doing drugs and drinking, but i hardly dought that all of them were being immature and childish. maybe if you wamed up to some of your peers and wast such a negative person you would of actually bonded and had time. maybe it is like high school, but something that i learned then and that i will never forget, is that something may look completely different on the outside but once you understand and know the inside the rest doesnt matter.
    you shouldnt be angry with Contiki, because there trying there best to create a friendly atmosphere for the whole tour group, whom just happen to be younger people within the 18-35 distinction.
    maybe travelling alone for you personally was not the best idea, if someone had joined you from your group of friends then maybe you would have had a great time and enjoyed the experiences that Contiki delivers.
    i just hope that your close minded thoughts and ideology of Contiki arnt exposed to easily persuaded people.

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