EGYPT & The Nile November 10th 2012?

25 Jun 2012 baybeehcheex asked


Just wondering if anyone else is doing this because it would be good to know :)
& is anyone concerned about safety in egypt with all the political unrest at the moment?
would we get our money back if it is really unsafe to go?

  • 12 Aug 2012 Marlene said


    I was wondering about the safety as well, but have been looking stuff up and as long as we stay out of areas where there would be demonstrations and such, we should be fine. Remembering we would be there right after the presidential election does bring up a few more worries though. There were some very helpful detailed experiences from a few guys who went in 2010-you should check them out. Details about the train, food, water, tipping, additional shows, etc.

  • 21 Aug 2012 Brittni said


    I’m on that tour as well! Cant wait to meet up with everyone in Cairo! :)

    A friend of mine just went on an Egypt tour in June and she said it was perfectly fine. She said the protests were concentrated in Tahrir Square and were very peaceful. She came away with a bunch of photos with the people who were protesting and she said they were nice and friendly people. She said the rest of the city was pretty safe too. Just use your common sense and travel smarts and you’ll be ok.

    I’m excited! :)



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