Is anyone going on the Easy Rider, September 2012

28 Jun 2012 Elicia asked


Depending on flight availability from Australia, I am booking on the one departing London on the 1st or the 6th.
Also, has anyone done this tour in the past, care to share? I am curious if it is a wise idea to be camping, particularly in Northern Europe at that time of year?
The other option I am considering for a similar trip, but staying in hostels, hotels and the like, is the European Escapade.
Any feedback from people who have done either of these, or is planning to would be very much appreciated as I am a first time solo traveller. x

  • 5 Jan 2013 april said


    me and my partner are doing the easy rider departing 6th september we are just going to rough it so its more money for the good things (: im just doing a lot of rersearch on what to pack so we stay comfortable enough, have you decided between the 2 tours youve been looking at yet?



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