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Attention : Yucatan Highlights July 2013

30 Jun 2012 Karolinka asked


Hi !
i'm planning on doing the Yucatan Highlights on the 6th of July followed by Best of USA (LA to NY) straight after.
This will be my first contiki tour AND i will be going alone. What is some good advice for newbies?
Is there a bit of flexible free time on the tours? what if you didn't want to do some of the activities they have planned out, do you have no choice? any other advice would be great !! :)

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  • 5 Nov 2012 ashtiki23 said


    Hi Karolinka! I just googled this particular trip and saw your post. I am ashleigh, 23 and from Perth too :)

    I too, am planning on going on the July 6 2013 Yucatan highlights tour. I will tell you what I know so far about contiki in general. I have only done 1 tour with them round the greek islands and it was unbeliavable, it in some ways is probably similar to this (albeit in europe) as its a sunny location, lots of waterspots inc and a short trip in hindsight (9days) compared some. And also some that go all thru europe or like your US one before – u spend alot of time on the coach, while u do bond with ppl more, u get tired travelling so much and in these type trips there is alot less of a strict schedule in terms of wake up times. I suspect after day 1 & 2 once we get to cancun it will be very Lax!!

    The BEST part of contiki in comparison to topdeck and i did cosmos around eastern europe (BAD) is the optionals. They are so cool (u do pay extra $$$) but u absolutely DONT have to do them. U pay in advance at the start but if u wanna pull out u can and ppl will do, when they are hungover etc) and u definitely get ppl that don’t wanna do all the history based/learning stuff – or aren’t into water stuff, just the dinners and festivities… and generally that is your “down time” you will find u get enough of it as some activities wont appeal to you.

    Also its fab your flying solo. Its so good that there is a such a variety of ppl/groups. From the crazy 18-19 yo singles, to 20 something yo girls in groups, to couples (i am bring my bf this time but we are both big travelling partiers) to lots of ppl going solo. And its so good cos u meet friends that you just cannot do on your own.

  • 11 May 2013 Renee <3 said

    Renee <3

    awww what a shame im doing Yucatan Highlights (21st September 2013) !

  • 13 May 2013 karolinka67 said


    Ashtiki – it’s so good to hear youre going too :) not a lot of people are joining the forum for this one so i got a little worried haha….sounds like its going to be amazing…you seem to have done a bit of travel so that’s fantastic :) are you staying in mexico city a couple of nights before hand?

  • 13 May 2013 karolinka67 said


    Renee – ahh damn that is a shame!! you shouldve chose the july one =P xx

  • 14 May 2013 ashtiki23 said


    Hey karoline, I am getting to Mexico City on the Friday Arvo 5th so just staying one night before coming in from cabo San Lucas. Will probably be extremely hungover after July 4th celebrations.

    On my last I never joined the forum or anything but hopefully ppl will soon and we can make some friendships prior. I hope it is amazing, and wonder if there’ll be other couples argh my last Contiki was so wild, and I don’t wanna get left out cos I’m in a couple haha. The group we actually join halfway thru their trip (I think) is part of the Mexico grande tour which is 13 days and after they do the first bit we jump in and finish the last 6 days of theirs!

    U live in Perth? I am from mt lawley area but go to uni in freo and work is osb park :)

  • 15 May 2013 karolinka67 said


    oh so we will be joining the end of the Mexican Grande tour? for how long? sounds exciting! :D :D
    yes!! i cannot wait :D it’s going to be so much fun! Corey, are you doing any other tours? :-)

    Ashtiki – yep im from Perth too & live in Maylands – neighbours! =P

  • 15 May 2013 ashtiki23 said


    K – the mexico grande tour (which some ppl may choose to do the whole thing) is 13 days and does a loop around west mexico then comes back to the city (about 7 days) which is what corey is doing…. and then we join in mexico city and do the end half which is 6 days also… Corey we must have several coronas before your departure.

    I am doing more of the US afterwards just my own course, flying from end in cancun up to New Orleans, then Miami and NY to finish off my trip (I start in seattle and work my way down the west coast before this!)

    SO SOON!!!! countdown. We totally are neighbours I live off Railway pde haha I like to call it extended Mt Lawley.

  • 17 May 2013 ashtiki23 said


    Beforehand I am doing northwest and down the coast. I fly into Seattle and work my way down thru vegas/SF/LA before Cabo then the tour… by motobike SOA style ;) aha Nah I have never done the US corey and NAWLINSSSS (prob the highest on my excitement list and staying in bourbon st yes!) The tours on offer look so good…. if they are anything like the ones I got to do on the greek islands trip then worth every cent even if your hung eyes are hanging out of your head. Do you have to bail straight after

    I tried so hard to fit Hawaii in… but this holiday its already the biggest cram sesh! My next obsession is South America. Hey I am from the hills (Lesmurdie) originally so I taught at Thornlie SHS two years ago haha was an eye opener!

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