Big Indochina vs Asian Adventure+Vietnam Highlight

1 Jul 2012 Explorer1435927 asked


What is better value?
Option 1. Big Indochina = $4049 AUD - 25 days
Option 2. Asian Adventure + Vietnam Highlights = $2115 + $1295 = $3,410 - 24 days
Since there is two tours, you'll get the multi discount = $3,410 - $100 = $3,300
$4049-3300 = $749 extra to travel the Big Indochina

Since Indochina is 25 days and the other is 24 days, there is is a difference of $749AUD which covers an additional breakfast, dinner, one hotel night and single flight from cambo to vietnam. Would it really cost that much for this?

Looking at the timetable, taking the second option, you'll get to arrive a day early to the Vietnam highlight tour after a Asian Adventure.

What benefits is from taking the Big Indochina adventure in comparison to Asian Adventure+Vietnam Highlights?

  • 8 Aug 2012 Ana Mathias said


    Do the asian adventure and then the vietnam highlihts,,,,, stay the days betwen the tours in Siem Reap and the casa ankor hotel that is the same of contiki. You have no ideia how much I regret not doind that, cause the mekong delta SUCKS and Ho Chi Minh is to intense compared to all the nice things in Cambodia. Don´t waist your time in the mekong delta….

  • 8 Aug 2012 Ana Mathias said


    Do the asian adventure and then the vienam highlights… believe me…. the mekong delta is not worth it, neither an extra day in ho chi minh if you can stay more time at siem reap

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