Health Warning

30 Jun 2008 Jemgirljeri said

First off I would like to say how much fun I had on my tour it was truly the best two weeks of my life but it would have been even better if I had been healthy the entire trip. I know there is little you can do to fight off the “Contiki Cough” but there is something you can do to avoid my mistake. I and a few of my other tour-mates managed to pick up a parasite during our European Highlights Tour. It is a parasite that is only found in un-pasteurized dairy products most commonly cheese. Now I am not 100 % sure but after discussing all the facts with my doctor and the timeline I am fairly confident that I picked it up during the wine tasting in St. Goar. That being said this is just a warning to make sure to stay away from un-pasteurized dairy products if you are not accustomed to them. Many people have a built in tolerance for that particular parasite but if you are from North America and you are used to pasteurized dairy you most likely won’t. The last few days of our tour were unpleasant to put it kindly because of our physical state and I managed to loose 15 pounds in a week (if I was trying this would have been a cool thing I’m sure). So please just make sure to take precautions if you are traveling because all this could have been prevented if I had taken the time to research and had been aware of the dangers not too mention the amount of money I had to spend on medication to get rid of the parasite once I returned home. <BR><BR>Have a fantastic tour!



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