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19 Jun 2007 cal062 said

Just wondering how much memory people used for their photos on their trips and how long you were gone for.... <BR><BR>Thanks
  • 19 Jun 2007 Dominique10 said



    Went to italy for 2 weeks and used almost 3 1gb cards

  • 19 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    I left with 1 256mb card and a 1 gb card plus one roll of film. I never touched the 256mb card, used a fourth of my 1gb and filled the roll of film. I took about 270 pics. I would have used more if my camera didn’t suck and eat batteries.

  • 19 Jun 2007 Nadia said



    Im away in Sept for 2 mths and I am considering taking 2x 2gb memory cards… I like to take heaps of pics which make for great memories…. Who knows the next time you will travel + you will never take photos like that eva agin. A once in a lifetime memory!!!

  • 19 Jun 2007 Jeremy said


    Hey, I haven’t been on my trip yet (next year, 23 days) but I am taking 5gb. I am a photography nut, so I have a top of the line camera [non SLR though, it screams steal me from the bulky size]. Some things you need to be familiar with on memory cards:

    -Figure out your camera resolution quality and how many pictures you can get per memory size. For my 5gb and 8.1MP I can get 2500+ or 60 minutes TV quality video and can take about 200 on a single charge [I will have 2 batteries for days like Rome].
    -Figure out how much you like to take pictures, what type of things you take: scenery, people, artistic. Odds are you know these already on how you are. So you can get a feel on what you might take.
    -Remember, memory cards can go corrupt. Do NOT get a brand new card before you go. Get it before so you can test it out, put them on your computer, and let it work for a while. If it works a few months before, it should be ok. You dont want to spend $5000 on a vacation to lose 500 photos. I just bought 4gb to add to my 1gb for next year, so I have enough time to work them in, but I also found a good deal.
    -Also, speaking of good deals, if you aren’t leaving for a while and are a US resident [im sure this applies to others as well] you can find good deals online. I don’t buy anything less than big name brand, I just don’t trust the quality. I found a weekly deal through a big company for Sandisk 2gb cards for $20 each. I saved probably $50-80 for the two over regular price. If you have some time before your trip, check sales every few weeks to get good ones. Better to have more than enough that not.

    I’m also taking my regular camera with a couple rolls of film [40 pictures] just incase something crazy happens. My friend did study abroad last year and had the same camera as me, and dropped it her first week after buying it for her tour! She had to buy a new digital camera until she got it fixed when she got home. Always use the strap no matter what. I’m also getting a water camera for the Austrian rafting. I don’t know exactly how far away from the bus we’ll be..but incase we stop and I don’t have access to my camera, i’ll have something for pictures.

    But im a photography nut, so yes, im going overkill. But some of my tips might help.

  • 19 Jun 2007 ashleightara said


    Hmmm. I’m planning to take 8GB (4×2GB cards). I’ve heard you can offload onto CDs at places but I’m not taking the risk with them (and don’t like the fact that they could be a worse quality).

    So I attempted to work out how many pics I’d want each day…and worked out how much memory I’d need from there. I’m crazy with photos, I take pics of everything (scenic, artistic, ppl), and I like to document via photos (i.e. pics of signs, places and food, hotel rooms etc.)

    For me, photos will be my main souvenir, I don’t intend to spend much while i’m in Europe and an extra $100 before I go on memory doesn’t seem too bad to me.

    Better safe then sorry.

    Oh, and I went to NZ for 2 weeks and took 800photos, and I know that was minor, cause I could only recharge my battery every 3 days (didn’t have power) so I was really careful. I could have taken more than triple. And I’m going to Europe for a month…

    So I probably only need 5 GB, but I’m taking extra just in case…

  • 20 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said


    For a 10 day trip I used 1.7 GB.

    For insurance I carried an extra 2GB card in the original packaging and then returned it to the store because I never used it.

  • 23 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    Like someone mention memory cards can corrupt. I think it a good idea to take a bunch of small memory cards, this way you wont lose all your photos. I rather loose 50 photos then 500.

    This time around that what I’ll be doing. First I need to buy a new camera. One that doesn’t eat batteries. Any suggestions?

  • 23 Jun 2007 Jeremy said


    Jo, my camera runs on a Lithium Ion battery, and takes about 200 pictures on a single charge. The battery charger is also rated for a wide voltage range so an adapter is the only thing necessary to take [I am also getting an extra battery just incase, I highly doubt i’ll take 400 pictures in one day, but you know, when in Rome].

    I have a Nikon P4, 8.1MP, and as I said before on a 2gb card I can get 983 or so pictures on its normal setting. It’s a great camera, and I think you can get it from in the $200 range when it retails for $399. It has a lot of settings that you can alter for different scenery modes, but the auto is great if you dont have time to mess around with settings. A lot of the low light stuff, if you don’t use a flash [say, landscapes] the image becomes blurry if you hold it. Part of that is due to the long exposure times in low lights. So a tripod is a must. If you can get it perfectly still, a night landscape shot turns out perfect and night portraits are great too. I will definitely be taking a tripod with me for monuments and some museums. It also has a museum setting which is automatic no flash and takes multiple photos and chooses the best shot. This will be a good feature when youre by the Mona Lisa and not able to get the tripod out due to too many people.

    The only things I really don’t like about this one is that you can’t manual change the shutter speed, but you can manually change the aperture and iso light settings. The other thing is that it has 3.5x optical zoom, and that’s it. Granted, any bigger and the camera wouldnt fit in your pocket. So its a trade off.

    But I love my camera, I’ve sold 3 to my friends already.

  • 23 Jun 2007 aroundthe said


    Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll take a look into it.

    My old camera was a HP Photosmart 4.0mp. Took nice pictures but I went through 12 pack of AA batteries in 11 days. So rechargeable batteries that can take 200 photo’s in one charge is a dream!

  • 23 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said

    Originally posted by Jo:
    Like someone mention memory cards can corrupt. I think it a good idea to take a bunch of small memory cards, this way you wont lose all your photos. I rather loose 50 photos then 500.

    This time around that what I’ll be doing. First I need to buy a new camera. One that doesn’t eat batteries. Any suggestions?

    I think the proper course of action is to not buy cheap **** memory cards. If you are buying “happy kitty” brand or counterfeit on eBay shipped from HK then you get what you pay for. Flash memory is always getting cheaper and you can often find sales, rebates, etc. If you get a good quality card at a reputable store and not some ultra-cheap camera then you should have no worries of corruption.

    All cameras with flash and LCD eat batteries, so basically you should just make sure you have an extra battery and then charge up each night. It’s very unlikely you’ll use 2 lithium ions in 1 day unless you are leaving the LCD turned on for hours.

  • 23 Jun 2007 Kristi said


    Just fyi…you can’t take pics of the mona lisa unless you are very sneaky or want to get kicked out.

  • 23 Jun 2007 space_monkey said


    24 days i used 3.6gb

  • 23 Jun 2007 cal062 said


    Thanks so much for the advice guys! I really like the idea of taking an extra card unopened and then returning it when i get home if i don’t use it.

    Yesterday i got a great deal of 3 1gb sd memory cards for 49.99- regular price 89.99 i was quite happy.

    Thanks again, any more advice is also greatly appreciated!

  • 24 Jun 2007 Sarah Smiles said


    I must be very very sneaky then, I took a pic of her on 2 different trips (2005 and 2006) and didn’t get caught Eeker<!--graemlin::eek:-->

  • 24 Jun 2007 Curtis71 said

    Originally posted by Sarah Smiles:
    I must be very very sneaky then, I took a pic of her on 2 different trips (2005 and 2006) and didn’t get caught Eeker<!--graemlin::eek:-->

    They’ve moved her to a new room now; When I went last month they had at least 3 employees right in front of her just watching for anyone with a camera and telling them to put it away.

    Supposedly it was a lot easier to get snaps in her old location.

  • 24 Jun 2007 Jeremy said


    That’s a shame. Would have loved to have a picture of me with it in the background. Oh well, with it being one of the most famous paintings.. well.. ever… I suppose I dont need a picture of it Wink<!--graemlin:;)-->

  • 24 Jun 2007 Kristi said


    You could always do what I did which was take a pic next to the sign pointing the way towards the exhibit (and telling you that you can’t take photos). That way you have some proof you went if you can’t get a snap of her.

  • 5 Jul 2007 jackieNY81 said


    Is it ok to take a digicam with me, or wuld it be wiser to take a disposable camera…in case it gets lost or stolen?

  • 5 Jul 2007 ptooma said


    You’ll probably be the only one w/ a disposable camera … and you can lose that too !!! 99% will be bringing a digital camera, with the odd person relying on just their mobile phone’s camera.

    - Vic

  • 5 Jul 2007 bing4 said


    You could take pics of Mona Lisa in the Past, however they have really cracked down in the Louvre and there are certain areas that they will kick you out of now for taking pictures-mainly mona lisa and th ehall with the David paintings.




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