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european contrast july 08

14 Oct 2007 nomes said

hey all!<BR>anyone else thinking about doing the european contrasts tour in july 08? <BR>and those that have already done it... was it good? did you do any of the optional excursions.... if so..what ones? and were they worth it?<BR>thanks
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  • 19 Oct 2007 socalgal said


    LOVED THIS TRIP! I went at the beginning of May 2007 and had the best time. I did every optional except for renting a car in Corfu. There was a great beach nearby so I really didnt need to drive to any other one. The dinner optionals were fun. The food was so so but the people were what made it great.


  • 20 Oct 2007 Wellychic26 said


    Hi there

    I’m thinking of doing this tour in July next year not too sure on dates I’m 26 years ild, I’ve got a few questions for the people who have done this tour before like, how much spending money do I need?? What sort of camera to take and what clothes are recommended to take?? I hope someone can help

    Kyley :-)

  • 22 Oct 2007 Lucylou172 said


    Hi Guys

    i have jsut returned from this tour (Sept11 – Oct10)

    The trip was great you get to see some many cities & the sights…..

    its not relaxing though, its full on…. you get told & shown the basics then what you see @ do is entirely up to you…

    I would reccommend taking a backpack style bag, there are many accom places that have only stairs access to your rooms and it is much easier, quicker than trying to lug up a suitcase, which gets heavier by the end of tour.

    they are very strict with the 20kg wieght rule (I didn’t see anyone measuring sizes… I had 20.5 kg & had to take out my lonely planet guide to take it under….

    if you do all the optional extras you will need to allow approx 25 Euros a day alone (thats the total cost & divided by the 29 days) + you have the option to purchase a contiki Polo shirt (designed esp for your tour, that and a hoodie if you wanted to get both is 50 Euro)this is done in Corfu….

    Don’t foget about tipping the tour Manager & Bus Driver at the End of tour its recommended about 2euro each a day so thats 58 euro each so thats another mayas well say 120 Euro.

    Spending Money….. hard to say…if you like to buy small things as momentos or for friends & family back home it will add up, and there are some days where you are lucky to spend 20 Euro and others heaps… Florence you can buy cheap jewellery and leather (thought the leather isn’t real cheap), St goar is the beer stein place about 100 Euros on average for a stein they had limited edition contiki ones that were 88Euros each I bought one.

    Corfu is the cheapest place – I bought all my souveniers / gifts there..

    Alcohol – depending on what you drink will determine how much you need vodka smirneys range from 5 Euro to 3 Euros…. Spirits about 7 euros beer was the cheapest…. What alot of us did was have alcohol in our rooms and hve a room party and have a few before going to the site based bars etc… your pocket will be grateful for it…. & so will you if you only wanted to have a couple… you aren’t obliged to go out every night – its up to you… jsut remember the long drives some days, one coach loo & 3 hour drives in between comfort stops.

    There are some accomm places that are better then others, I thought the worst were in Rome… you have to BYO toilet paper on each loo trip (is provided but in your cabin)…

    You will have a great time without a doubt….and expect there to be people on the tour who you don’t gel with & just down right peeve you off…. we can’t get on with everyone.

    if you have other questions, feel free to email me & I will answer…

    you own’t regret going…. though I would reccomend a few days post tour to wind down be it in London (we did Penang) – why not another country??? you will need it

    happy & safe travel to you.

  • 2 Nov 2007 jam said


    hey im fron nz nd am also planing on doin the contrats tour. wil be booking the 25th july trip. am goin wif two friends and planning on workin in london after the tour.


  • 3 Nov 2007 MoE said


    yeh got a group of friends gonna go next june july.need to gather some friends from Aus and travel together will be great

    Originally posted by nomes:
    hey all!
    anyone else thinking about doing the european contrasts tour in july 08?
    and those that have already done it… was it good? did you do any of the optional excursions…. if so..what ones? and were they worth it?

  • 4 Nov 2007 tequila_boi said


    Hey, Lee (21) Ive booked the European Contrasts Leaving on the 29th June – 27th July. Also doing the Check Out London Tour before that. My mate says it was killer last year. So am looking forward to it. From PERTH, AUSTRALIA just seeing if anyone else has booked to same date. Also heard the weather around this date it perfect.

  • 5 Nov 2007 jess1414 said


    I’m going on the 11th July tour in 2008 with a few friends. So looking forward to it we just booked out tour and accomodation today!
    Just a little worried about the cost of it all … the added extras and spending money along the way. Oh well … it’s only money but it might be the only time I do a contiki!

  • 5 Nov 2007 SoCalGuy805 said


    I wen to Europe last summer and was all excited way in advanced when i booked my trip… I thought it was becuase it would be my first time. I can honestly say I am even more excited this time. The trip is so far away but every time I get on these message boards I feel like a lil kid at christmas time all amped up and can’t wait!!! Are there any guaranteed departures for this trip yet?? And what dates are people considering. _NAte, Ventura Beach, Ca

  • 6 Nov 2007 nomes said


    hey MoE,
    what dates are u looking at doing the tour on? im going on the 25th june one. im going alone so im just trying to meet some people on here that are doing the same one… let me know what dates u decide on Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> peace xox

  • 6 Nov 2007 SoCalGuy805 said


    do you think if we were to get 4 or more people on here to go on the same dates and buy or tour at the same time they would give us the discount or do you think it has to be one credit card type of deal?

  • 6 Nov 2007 Lana_Sydney said


    havnt booked my tour yet but am 99% sure i will be going on the contrasts tour leaving on the 29th….these dates are perfect for me. will be spending a couple of days in london or scotland before the tour catching up with friends and getting over the jetlag, then am going to have the time of my life!!!!!!!

  • 8 Nov 2007 Kramer said


    ive officailly booked my entire trip as of 3 days ago. all paid and now waiting for hte flights. im leaving on the 29th, tho getting to london early to have a look around.

  • 18 Nov 2007 efti said


    Hey everyone

    Ever since I started learning about the great continent of Europe, all I ever wanted to do was visit it. When I first discovered that there is such a thing as group tours, I worked my butt off researching all the different tour companies and each different type of tour they offered. Taking everything into consideration, including my own personal wants, I finally decided on taking the European Contrasts. Perfect for my budget, I was well prepared for mostly cabin style accommodation, and best of all it was the only concept/budget tour that visits both Prague & Corfu, whereas the other concept/budget tours had one or the other.

    I took this tour in Aug this year, and all I can say is – words cannot trully describe the memories I have of all the beatiful places I saw, people I met, food I ate, parties we had, etc.

    That being the said, I was lucky enough to have a GREAT tour manager and bus driver- two awesome people who did everything in their power to make us feel comfortable and feel like we could approach them about anything – they were so easy to get along with, each day would be a laugh and most nights they even joined us in partying.

    I was one of the few people on my tour that chose all the optional extras offered and I enjoyed, or at least learnt a lesson, from every one of them. The Cabaret Show in Paris was a highlight, showcasing all things French – half naked dancing girls, the can-can, and a comedian come acrobat speaking English with a strong French accent. Also not to be missed is George’s Boat in Corfu – a fun day for all that includes lunch, swim stops in crystal blue waters, and water sports if you’re up for it. Another worthwhile optional if you’re into alcohol, like most people are, is the Schnaps Museum in Vienna tasting their local inventions – the best afternoon of my life! As long as you are well-behaved and treat the bar staff nicely, you are allowed to have as many shots as you like of the diff types of alcohol they have available – I managed to have 7 in a matter of half an hour!! And of course, there’s the opportunity to buy a bottle or as many as you like of your favourates.

    There is one thing above all to remember when going on any tour, which some people giving bad reviews of tours seem to forget, and I’ve even met some people in my travels who forget too —

    RESEARCH everything before you go, be WELL PREPARED FOR WHAT YOU PAY FOR – i.e. know exactly what type of accommodation you’ll be getting on tour. One brother/sister pair I know came on tour (in Scandinavia) expecting to be staying in hotels.. only to find that they were staying in hostels/cabins instead (after all, it was a concept/budget tour they were on). They weren’t too happy at first but decided to stick it out for the experience.

    KEEP AN OPEN MIND – with anything from when meeting your fellow travellers and your Contiki crew (after all, everyone has different personalities so different ways of approaching things), right down to the different cultures you’ll be experiencing. This IS a tour of MORE THAN ONE country of EUROPE – don’t expect every place you go to to be exactly like your home country. If you wanted a familiar experience, you should’ve just stayed home.

    NO ATTITUDES – coming on a group tour like this where you see the same people day in day out for 29 days with an attitude is not going to help anyone, let alone youself. Try to be considerate of everyone around you – show respect to others and you will be repayed the same. This will not only make others happier, but you will benefit from their happiness by having a good time yourself.

    For me, there was no question that I would have a good time, cos what I’ve said above is the rules I applied to my own situation. I did the research, I had an open mind even before I stepped on my plane to get to Europe, and I pride myself on treating everyone with respect and being considerate of their feelings/wants/needs.
    But I was fortunate enough to meet like-minded people on my tours (I did two, both with Contiki) and my experience was all the better for it.

    Still, though, how good a time you have is primarily up to YOU and what countries you see/who you meet/what type of tour you do (Concept/Budget, Time Out/Superior, or Camping) only adds to the fun.


  • 19 Nov 2007 Nae2007 said


    Hi all

    My sister and I are looking at doing the European Contrasts tour, departing on 12th May 08.

    Anyone else from Aus going that date?

  • 25 Nov 2007 Jax036 said


    Hi Nomes,

    I’m thinking of booking the 25th June one too, since the 29th June was fully booked. And I’ll be all by my lonesome too Smiler<!--graemlin::)--> Where are you from?

  • 25 Nov 2007 Lana_Sydney said


    damn..i was going to book for the 29th june, guess u have to get in fairly early…looks like ill be going on the 25th of june one now…not to worry, will still be as much fun !!!

  • 26 Nov 2007 Kramer said


    hey Lana_sydney is the 29th booked out? that why? bugger but yay for me! hah. even if its a bad group ill just get mashed and make friens in the bars

  • 26 Nov 2007 Lana_Sydney said


    i didnt actually try to book yet but from explorer1080997 msg i gathered that its fully booked, ill guess ill find out for sure soon enough, shud be good fun to ahve a fully booked tour and theres guarenteed to be a few ppl on their that ull get along with great

  • 29 Nov 2007 Lana_Sydney said


    hey evryone…just booked my tour for the 25th of june, doing excited!!!!!

  • 3 Dec 2007 nomes said


    hey all… yeah cant wait till contiki… how fun… so a few on here going on the 25th of june ey.. will be awesome to meet up with you all.. hope u are all ready to party big time lol and see europe. .. im from griffith nsw. aus. country girl at heart :P chat soon guys… have fun xx

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