mexico - worth it?

31 Aug 2009 tibblet asked

hi. i'm looking at trips to mexico on here and found the 3 different tours; Mexican Fiesta, Mexico Grande and Yucatan Explorer. the main attraction to going is to see all the mayan ruins and pyramids etc. <BR><BR>The trip pages are not too detailed, an anyone offer any advice or reviews of any of the trips they have done? thanks!
  • 28 Jan 2010 OSUNatti said


    All i have to say is if you are interested in going to Mexico…GO. It is an absolutely goregous place to go visit and everyone is extremely friendly. I haven’t traveled to MX with Contiki but have gone and visited a few times on my own. This past summer I went to Chichen Itza and it was awesome. Just so rich in history and its was pretty neat to see those things up close and personal. The only thing i wasn’t a fan of is the place was lined up and down with the locals trying to sell you stuff and they can get kind of pushy. oh and it was ridiculously hot but thats to be expected right Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->. Mexico is a wonderful country so by all means go and check it out.



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