Help! Mens Shoes!!

19 Feb 2010 Twonga said

I will be going on a year round the world trip and most of it will be done independently so i know i wont need shoes for nights out etc<BR><BR>however in NZ and OZ i will be doing it with Contiki and i was wondering if i can get into the bar/nightclubs with trainers/daps on? (they are smartish and not trainer trainers if you know what i mean!!)<BR><BR><BR>this is quite important for me as i am very limited with space with my rucksack and dont want to carry around a pair of smart shoes for a year just to get into nightclubs in OZ and NZ.<BR><BR><BR>any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  • 19 Feb 2010 ptooma said


    NZ is very laid back … no worries.

    - Vic

  • 19 Feb 2010 Danki said


    depends where you going.. i live in a country town and you can even get into pubs with rubber thongs… in the cities the boys need to at least have enclosed shoes. I went to a club in NZ and my friend was wearing very nice white loafers, and the bouncer nearly refused him, except they were a designer brand… it all depends on where you go…

  • 21 Feb 2010 Twonga said


    thanks both

    so basically you think i will be ok to get into clubs in NZ with trainers/daps on?

    something like these……esquare&file=1168303

    how about Australia?


  • 22 Feb 2010 Danki said


    australia same thing, depending on where you are. if you have enclosed shoes, you should have no probs, the ones on that link are nice, will be fine.

  • 23 Feb 2010 Twonga said


    thanks all, much appreciated!

  • 24 Feb 2010 ptooma said


    You mentioned that you’ll be in contiki group and as such, you’ll get into all the places no prob.

    Your TM will bring you to places that will not have stringent attire requirements.

    - Vic

  • 29 Mar 2010 miss_bek said


    ell if you come to perth aus alot of places you need to be wearing dress shoes as they ban laces/skate shoes etc but some of the time it depends on the bouncer – id say the casino will be the strictist and usually trainers are a no go.. be sure to bring thongs though for during the day spesh if you come in summer wayyyy too hot for enclosed shoes! id assume that over east will be stricter than perth too!!!

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