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A few money questions

16 Jul 2012 JMull91 asked


Hey everyone

I'm doing European Inspiration departing Jan 2 from London :)

Anyway I'm budgeting to take $3,000 (thats Australian dollars) I was just wondering would this be enough?

I will be in London for about 6 days before the tour, I really don't mind if I have to survive on fast/microwave food for some or most of that time. How much does a decent meal at a cafe/restaurant/pub set you back?

As much as I love to party I really don't mind if I go out once or twice max, especially with NYE on I wont be needing to go out much in London at all! For the tour I am thinking I will go out on average every 2-3 nights (depends on the destination really). To me the biggest/best drinking places look to me to be Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Rome and Paris, am I correct? Would I be missing out on much if I didn't head out in Florence, Lucerne and Venice? Is it expensive to drink at the bars/clubs over there? Is it heaps cheaper to drink before going out like in Aust?

And as for shopping, well I probably won't be buying much except for a couple decent jackets plus a few gifts for my family so I'm just going to assume that I will be saving heaps there..

What is the most expensive city/country? Is it important to change your money in to the local Swiss/Czech currency when you arrive there or is Euros accepted at most places? What optional extras are worth not going on? Is there any other advice that people can give me to cut my costs of the holiday?

Cheers. JM

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  • 17 Jul 2012 RJ1817 said


    lets see. I did the Panorama, which has a few in common with the inspiration so bare with me….

    1) you can get a decent meal in London for about £10-15

    2) all the cities that you stay in for more than one night are usually your big party cities (where your tour manager will take you out). Basically, when you have an (optional) group dinner, it’s usually followed up with a big night out (so make sure you do EVERY optional). Optinals are a great way to get to know your tour mates. Amsterdam was a big one for us since it was our last stop. Make sure you try some space cake and enjoy the live sex show! I would definitely suggest going to Space Electronic Disco in Florence, even if you’re not really the club-type person (I’m not and I think it was the best club we went to on tour) . If you stay in the same hotel as we did in Lucerne, there was a bar there that a bunch of us ended up at (just our group) and we had a pretty good night. After Moulin Rouge in Paris, our TM took us to O’Sullivans, which was our first group drinking night…it was great! Munich was a beer hall night, which some people got pretty messy at. A lot of our tour was sick in Rome, so we didnt have a big night there. Didn’t go to Prague or Berlin. We really didnt get much time to do any pre-drinking.

    3) All the major cities were expensive. I did notice that we got a good amount of free alcohol at some of the bars because we were a contiki group though. Only place I went to that didnt use Euros was The Swiss, and I already had Francs converted.

    4) Looking at the optionals that your tour offers, I personally would have done them all. Like I said, they’re a great way to get to know the rest of your tour mates. All the optional suppers are great and a must do. Make sure you do the white water rafting also. That one, mt. titlus and bungee jumping in the Swiss Alps (which you dont seem to have the option of doing) were my favourites

    5) don’t really have any tips for cutting costs because I went on this tour and did not worry about my cash. I find you can miss out on a lot if you’re too worried about how much money you spend. I didn’t go crazy when it came to shopping though. Including optionals, I probably spent around 2500 EU on everything else. Like I said, it’s not good to be worrying about saving money.

    hope this helps

  • 18 Jul 2012 amber said


    I’m doing Inspiration departing Sept 24 & I’m taking $7000 AUS! But, I am planning on shopping & being able to buy & do whatever I want. $3000 will give the recommended 100EU a day so I think you’ll be fine. I’ve read on these discussions that many people have said 100EU is more than enough. I’d just be a bit worried about the 6 days in London before your tour. I’ve heard London is pretty expensive & you don’t want to go nuts before your tour even starts.

  • 18 Jul 2012 Jasmin said


    If you want something cheap to do in London go book online and get ‘goundling’ (standing in the pit) tickets at the globe. You see a Shakespeare play (some of which are freaking hilarious) for 5 pounds.

    And if you stay at a hostel most of them have cheap food in their cafe.

  • 19 Jul 2012 kellym777 said


    its usually said that $100 australian a day is a good amount to take :) some days you won’t spend anywhere near that much and others you might spend a bit more

  • 19 Jul 2012 LisaSmig said


    I’m going Jan 12th taking about $6000.

  • 23 Jul 2012 JMull91 said


    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    RJ – Thanks for all of that. The only optional I am thinking of not doing is the cabaret show in Paris which costs 140 Euro/$180 from memory which would free up a bit of money and I’m not really the type of person who can sit down for ages (especially watching movies/shows) so I wouldn’t really mind missing out on that. I am definitely the club type of person so I think that the Florence disco looks pretty awesome. I might just do what you did and convert some $ into swiss franc before the tour starts as well (probably before I leave..).

    Amber – Yeah the 6 days is the thing I am probably most worried about. But I think I’ve figured out the ways to save money. Getting the London travel pass will save a lot in transport + entry fees in to attractions. I’m not staying at the imperial (just gonna be at normal hostels), if I can stay off the drink for the first few days until NYE (which I have no problem doing..) that will give me extra cash for the tour as well. If I can stick to my plan then I think I will be safe money wise.


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