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swine flu?? hold off on travel/cancellations?

25 Apr 2009 Explorer1132906 asked

wondering if there might be any impending cancellations for the mexico or california tours (san diego) because of the swine flu scare in mexico and reported cases in california?!? <BR><BR>should I hold off on booking a May trip?<BR>anyone from Contiki able to answer?<BR><BR>thanks and sorry don't mean to scare anyone, just wanted to see if this was something that was affecting contiki....
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  • 26 Apr 2009 Corinne said


    I wouldn’t let it stop you from booking your trip. I did a little bit of research and no-one seems to be telling people to svoid mexico, let alone america so you should be fine.
    I don’t think its too serious, i just think that if you get any of the symptoms you should get help asap.
    Just make sure you take extra precautions and use antibacterial hand wash etc and you should be ok. Maybe check you’re all up to date with vaccines.
    Don’t let it stop you, just book your trip and have a great time :-)

  • 26 Apr 2009 MJ said


    If it gets any worse BOTH governments will close the borders and stop travel to/from Mexico. If you go take precautions. I would recommend going to the CDC website. I work in a doctors office and we are quite concerned being near the border and have many people who travel back and forth. Get educated and use common sense.

  • 26 Apr 2009 Corinne said


    I’m assuming they won’t close the borders to the states unless it becomes a major crisis right?
    So pur trips should all be fine?

  • 26 Apr 2009 Explorer1132906 said


    Thanks for your replies. I’m going to hold off booking anything to that area for now. The US declared a health emergency for swine flu.

    In terms of getting a flu shot I heard on the news that it might help, but they don’t know for sure since it’s a new strain of virus.

  • 26 Apr 2009 Snazzykazzy said


    Tazzie, While getting a flu vaccine won’t protect you from all strains (especially this strain of swine flu) it will lesson the severity of any flu bug you may pick up. The four recommendations for preventing the flu involve
    1. Get an annual flu vaccine.
    2. Wash your hands regularly, carry some alcohol hand sanitiser with you
    3. Don’t touch your face with your hands
    4. Cover your mouth when you sneeze.

    By the time our tour starts in 4 weeks this flu will be around the world already, so your chances of getting it here are the same as getting it in the US.
    As long as you are careful with your hygiene, have good travel insurance and seek medical help as soon as you get a tempreture with any of the common cold symptoms you should be fine Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 26 Apr 2009 Snazzykazzy said


    And you’ll have an infectious diseases nurse (me) on your first tour!

  • 26 Apr 2009 Pervy said


    There are cases of it in Auckland, a school group returned from mexico with it.

  • 27 Apr 2009 Kimmibub said


    I am a little worried but definitely not enough to put off travel plans. Good medicine and good hygiene practices will definitely come into play Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 27 Apr 2009 Explorer1132906 said


    Just saw this:“The top EU health official urged Europeans on Monday to postpone nonessential travel to the United States and Mexico because of the swine flu virus.”…XD2S5s-3ZhgD97QRQSG1

  • 27 Apr 2009 Snazzykazzy said


    To be perfectly honest, in regards to travelling to the US, I’m more concerned about catching bed bugs than I am the flu. I would put off going to Mexico only because I have been to third world countries and it’s not my idea of a holiday. When you look at it though, Mexico has a population of 1.1 billion with 1800 cases of flu. Not statistics I would worry about. They have poor health care facilities and most of the population are poor. It’s these people who are getting the sickest (sad fact of life). It’s not too late to switch to a different tour.
    It’s too late to contain this flu, as it has already spread around the world. All cases outside of mexico have been reported as “mild flu” symptoms. If you don’t want to go on holiday and get sick, don’t do a contiki. There’s a really good chance your going to get the contiki cough.
    In regards of cancelling trips, the only advice I’ll be following is WHO and the CDC (and contiki).

  • 27 Apr 2009 Mel said


    Thanx Snazzy Kazzy for the info…. its also great to know that you are on our tour ! Smiler<!--graemlin::)-->

  • 28 Apr 2009 Nicola said


    The CDC, WHO and FCO are now recommending against all non-essential travel to Mexico, I’m booked on LA to the bay tour, and can’t wait, but would prefer not to go to Mexico for the afternoon. I know it’s a small risk, however, I’m supposed to start working when I get back on the 5th July and don’t have time/can’t afford to get ill.

    Please can Contiki confirm where they stand on this situation.


  • 28 Apr 2009 Corinne said


    As far as i was aware all trips to mexico on the western tours had been cancelled anyway due to the trouble with drug smuggling etc, was this only temporary?
    I doubt you will go to mexico on the trip,they’re hardly going to risk your health. I presume that would mean you get the extra afternoon in San Diego.

  • 28 Apr 2009 Explorer1133193 said


    The visits to Mexico have been postponed for a while now, so given this swine flu I highly highly doubt they will re-introduce the afternoon in Mexico any time soon!

  • 28 Apr 2009 travellingbug said


    I’ve actually booked a trip on the Grande Mexico tour in 5 weeks!! I am a bit concern with this global outbreak of the swine flu. As everyone’s been pointing out, the WHO and the govt has advised travellers to limit non-essential travels but havent realy put restrictions on it as yet!!
    Just don’t know whether the trip will still proceed ahead!!!!

  • 28 Apr 2009 Orlaith said


    I am also booked on the grande mexico (starting in mexico city on the 6th of june i think).. Everyday I am listening to the news and it just keeps getting worse! I rang STA travel (the agency who i booked it with) and they said that if there is a government restriction on flights (which i think has already been put in place) that i will receive a full refund regardless of insurance, however the tour would most likely NOT be refunded if you have no insurance! Flights are now being cancelled but we only know a few days in advance.. which is rubbish because i still have to book domestic flights (and buy insurance for that matter)!

    Anyway, we will only know if flights are going ahead a few days before they depart.. which is a pain! Also, if they do depart you are expected to travel!

    Has anyone heard from contiki? Sta told me that the tours WERE going ahead, from what i can see there is a tour on the 9th and 23rd of may.. How can they continue these tours if there is no flights in or out of the country?

    I;m just hoping that the flu has surpassed by then but it seems to be spreading rapidly and these things generally increase expotentionally!

    This was the only time I can go away this summer and I’ll be totally gutted if its cancelled Frowner<!--graemlin::(--> !

  • 28 Apr 2009 JeffersonNYSE said


    As serious as the situation is, the media has a feild day with these kinds of things. In a Mexico City (pop. of 22 million people) there are around 149 deaths. In the US alone 36,000 people a year die from your normal everyday flu, which all of us have had at some point in our lives. No one panics about the common flu like that. Of course precautions should be taken (washing hands etc), and you need to keep an eye on the whole situation, but your likelihood of getting swine flu from travel in the US should be minimal. That being said I wouldn’t necessarily be hoping on a plane to Mexico City and the epicenter of such an outbreak. Like Snazzykazzy said, 3rd world countries have less advanced health care and their sanitation leaves MUCH to be desired. There is a reason why disease is far for rampant in such places. I would also be more concerned about Contiki cough/bed bugs/safe sex practices on tour then I would be swine flu.

    Even if one was to catch the swine flu, it is hardly the death sentence the media likes to make it out to be…..especially in US or Canada which have some of the best medical facilities in the world.

  • 28 Apr 2009 Kate at Contiki said

    Kate at Contiki

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your questions and concerns. We are certainly keeping close watch on this issue and will reevaluate the situation daily. Rest assured that our top priority is to ensure the health and safetly of our clients & staff.

    Here’s a message from Contiki US Operations:

    “We have been monitoring the outbreak of swine flu closely and with concern for the health and safety of clients and staff. After a thorough discussion and investigation of the situation we have decided to operate our May 9 Grande Mexico, Mexican Fiesta as well as the May 16 Southern Mexico featuring the Yucatan tours. Given this is a fluid and rapidly changing situation we will continue to monitor events and advise should this position change. At this point, should clients wish to cancel they will be subject to cancellation fees per the brochure. We will continue to monitor the situation daily.

    We are aware of what the media is presenting and while the concern is real we want to assure you that the Government of Mexico is taking all possible measures to contain the spread of the flu by temporarily closing public venues such as museums, sporting events and schools in Mexico City. They also recommend that people take measures to protect themselves by washing their hands, getting plenty of sleep, being physically active, managing stress, drinking plenty of fluids and eating nutritious food.”

    Thanks for your time, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter.


  • 26 Mar 2010 steve said


    why dont you get a flu vaccination that also a vaccination for swine flu!!

    Originally posted by Explorer1132906:
    wondering if there might be any impending cancellations for the mexico or california tours (san diego) because of the swine flu scare in mexico and reported cases in california?!?

    should I hold off on booking a May trip?
    anyone from Contiki able to answer?

    thanks and sorry don’t mean to scare anyone, just wanted to see if this was something that was affecting contiki….

  • 29 May 2010 LeoAScott said


    Didnt read all posts. (dont work for contiki). I travelled to USA/Canada and Mexico at Xmas 09 through to 10. Swine is big but it isn’t taken seriously over there like Aust. Get your free vaccine ASAP. I did. I came into direct contact with Swine and a day sick only. No big deal.


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