What is the Accommodation like for....

23 Jul 2012 karolinka67 asked


Just wondering if anyone knows what the accommodation is like for the Best of USA and Yucatan Highlights? I've booked these 2 tours and Im soo extremely excited that i just want to know everything hehe..

if you know the names aswell of the hotels/motels that would be great ! :) (even if they change from year to year)

  • 19 Sep 2012 Sami-Rose said


    Hi Sweets! I did Best of USA last year, stayed at the following:
    LA – Kyoto Grand Hotel
    San Francisco – Hotel Whitcomb
    Las Vegas – Harrahs
    New York – Skyline Hotel (was supposed to be the Beacon but changed last minute)
    They were all fairly nice, the Whitcomb was a little squishy though. Not sure about Yucatan highlights I’m doing that in November so I can let you know after! x

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