Grand Southern: NY to LA (Oct 6 - Oct 29)

3 Jul 2006 Jazzi said

Hellooo!<br><BR><br><BR>My name is Jazzi, from Brisbane, QLD, and hopefully, I'll be going on<BR>the NY to LA Grand Southern Tour of the US, from October 6, 2006 to<BR>October 29, 2006. I'm nervous, because I haven't seen any threads on<BR>here for this tour, but hopefully someone else is planning for the same<BR>tour! <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin::D--><br><BR><br><BR>After this tour, I'm going up to Canada to work at Lake Louise for 6<BR>months, because I loooove snow skiing, so I'm very excited about that!<br><BR><br><BR>Anyway, that is all for now, hopefully someone will post, hehe!<br><BR><br><BR>&lt;3 Jazzi<br>



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