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Best of Europe Advice 2012

5 Aug 2012 kat.A said


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  • 5 Aug 2012 kat.A said


    Hi all,

    i just came back about 3 weeks ago nearly now from the best of europe tour starting in was amazing ..,i thought i would post this discussion as when i was trying to find anything helpful on these discussion forums i found nothing and was thinking im going on a tour with like 5 people on it and 2 of the people being myself 1 and my friend the other lol

    trust me when i say ITS AMAZING because it is …AND there are so many people on the tour..our coach bus was nearly full from all the people on our tour …you see so many amazing places that you most likely would not have seen if you were to organize it by yourself…you make so many friends with so many memories to go with it…. a couple of tips that i can think of would be…

    1. Bring a nice pair of high heels for Moulin Rouge ladies as its very…bring a colared shirt as when you walk in everyones in suits or shirts…
    2. DO ALL THE OPTIONALS…i did them all and all of them were so much canal ride was amazing..going up the eiffel tower …ALL OF THEM..AMAZING
    3. bring more than 1 memory card …you’ll be surprised how many pics you can take lol
    4. do not expect amazing accomodation …its pretty much 3 star hotels (keep in mind you are in europe so who really cares) lol paris had by far the best accomodation followed by amsterdam..the worst had to be Germany ,,no air con and i went in summer…although they do offer you buckets of ice…at a lovely cost lol
    5. Shopping !!! paris and shockingly Amsterdam had the best bargains….8 euros for a pair of awesome sparkly sandels which if over here in Australia would most likely be found in steve madden for $200…you get time to post stuff back in amsterdam so do not stress.
    6. if you are taking a travel card ..PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TRY BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME COUNTRY ..otherwise you will end up like me on the phone to anz in europe trying to reset my pin and having to wait 24hours to be able to access your money.
    7. bring your phone or use your ipod to set an alarm everyday …you will definately need it as the contiki bus will not wait ..myself and my friend did not hear our alarm and we had our contiki manager who we happened to be luckily 2 doors down from banging on our door yelling “WE LEAVE IN 10MINUTES TO THE TRAINSTATION TO AMSTERDAM” ..we got the heart attack of our lives of course and were so happy we packed the night before lol. they usually organise wake up calls for your room (your tour manager) but lucky me got the room with no phone working.
    7. Bring Codral Cold and Flu tablets…i thought i was invincible and wouldnt get sick..i was wrong..but the contiki cough is definately true!!…all it takes is one person to have a flue and BAM 15 ppl later on the bus are all coughing there lungs out and its spreading like wild fire on the bus …it does not stop u from partying of course but it helps you from feeling like crap for most of your tour trying to explain codral to people in paris lol
    8. Bring comfy shoes,…i cant stress how much this actually effects you,,,you do so much walking…i got blisters and let me tell you ..NOT FUN limping around …if you do get blisters though just go to the pharmacy and get bandaids that does the trick.
    9. hold your bag very tightly..the gypsys..homeless..pick pocketers are in full force there…they will try anything to pick pocket you and get your money.
    10. there is a 20kg limit from Prague to Rome …please keep it in mind as i did not and had to pay 60 euros extra because i was over by 7kgs.

    I hope i have helped a little …have an amazing trip will love it much fun!! feel free to ask me any Questions you may have :)

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