Berlin to Budapest 11/09/12... anyone?

8 Aug 2012 Marisol asked


Anyone else already signed up for this tour? Or planning to...?

I just booked mine. So excited and counting down. Can't wait to meet everyone and see the sights.

I'm traveling solo from LA. This is my first trip to Europe. Any tips from anyone who has completed this tour before?

  • 9 Aug 2012 RJ1817 said


    I was looking at doing this one… year. Let me know how it is! haha

  • 19 Sep 2012 Emma B said

    Emma B

    I am tempted to sign up for this one…. ive done a contiki trip before im just nervous since ill be going solo too.. Have you talked to anyone going? it would help make my decision to book if I know the type of people going. Im always afraid to do a tour full of all married people

  • 19 Sep 2012 Tracy said


    I’m booked for half of this tour! I’ll be on the Berlin, Prague and Vienna leg of it! I’m going solo too :} Super excited. I’ve been to Europe before but never done a tour. Emma B, you should join! Don’t be afraid! Marisol, I look forward to meeting you!!

  • 20 Sep 2012 Emma B said

    Emma B

    I think i am going to request a quote!! where are you coming from high purractive?

  • 21 Sep 2012 Tracy said


    Ill be coming from NYC :)

  • 21 Sep 2012 Marisol said


    I look forward to meeting you too! Hope you can join us EmmaB.

  • 30 Sep 2012 Evaphxrn said


    My sister and I are thinking about signing up for this tour !!

  • 3 Oct 2012 Tracy said


    you should do it evaphxrn! Emma, I owe you an email. Things have been hectic at work! I’ll send shortly :}

  • 4 Oct 2012 NYGiantsFan said


    I am strongly considering this trip. The only thing is I hope it’s not too cold or rainy

  • 12 Oct 2012 Jana said


    I’m coming from Des Moines!

  • 15 Oct 2012 Emma B said

    Emma B

    yea JTITUS.. you should check put the Meet up page there is about 20 people from our tour who has signed in…
    Are you coming early or staying later?

  • 20 Oct 2012 Charlotte said


    I am doing this trip but from the 19th —> 29th January 2013…..anyone else doing it then?!

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