How much to save?

10 Aug 2012 Jessa asked


I just starting to plan a trip for Summer 2013, likely the European Discovery. Besides the cost of the tour and flight, i want to get a good idea of how much money i should really bring. I need to get an estimate of what this whole trip is going to cost!

I'm speaking with a travel advisor and she said about $100/day per person. Well... it's my husband and I going and it's a 14 day trip - that's $2800!!! I hope she's wrong.

  • 31 Aug 2012 Brii said


    Unfortunately that sounds about right. You can probably make it on less money, but all optional activities cost extra money and only some meals are included in any Contiki. If you plan on doing any optionals and/or purchasing any souvenirs, I’d definitely plan on at least $100/day per person. I did a Greece/Turkey 5-day and probably used around $1,000 (at least) in spending money, and I’m not a big spender…



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