LA Explorer at the end of Grand Southern Problems

8 Mar 2009 Explorer1127298 said

Im planning to do the Grand Southern Trip in around April Next year, and want to add on the LA Explorer for a few days in LA at the end of the trip.<BR><BR>Problem is, on the contiki website, they only have one date available per month (which seems strange) none of which are near the end of the Grand Southern Trip. How can I organise it to start the day I arrive in LA??<BR><BR>Also, is it possible to do 2 or 3 LA explorers back to back to spend more time in LA?<BR><BR>I tried booking a room on the Best Western website, but for some reason no matter what date I select, they only offer double Queen rooms (for 4 people), and not just a double room (for 2) Surely they cant have sold out of Double rooms already...?<BR><BR>Any help?
  • 8 Mar 2009 cdm115 said

    Also, is it possible to do 2 or 3 LA explorers back to back to spend more time in LA?

    I would suggest only doing that tour once and then see the rest of the city on your own. If you’re nervous about traveling on your own you’ll find that once you do your tour and spend a couple days on tour seeing the city that you’ll be more then confident to do the rest on your own.

    And as for the hotel you’ll find that hotel rooms in the US generally come with either 1 bed (queen or king usually) or 2 beds (full or queen).



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