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30 Jul 2008 ashschu said

I know there are about a million questions out there about the tents for the camping tours - but I thought I needed to add one more!

I have been looking at the information on the Contikipedia regarding camping tours and was looking at a couple of pictures of the tents used. Is it just for the picture - or is there really no base to the tent? It is just walls and the bottom of the tent is open to the ground.

Is this really how the tents are? Or is there a tarp or something that gets laid down? It just seems like it is a potentially dirty situation. What if it has been wet and we need to put up tents on wet and/or muddy ground? Our suitcases and whatever else touch the ground will get decidedly gross!!

Not to mention all the bugs! lol I am not all that much of a girly girl - but I do not like spiders and don't fancy the idea of giving the easy access up to my sleeping bag if they are there!!!

Anyone who has been on a camping tour care to enlighten me?

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